Software dependencies and third party components

The Rudder Web application requires the installation of Apache 2 httpd, JRE 7+, and cURL; the LDAP Inventory service needs rsyslog and the report service requires PostgreSQL.

When available, packages from your distribution are used. These packages are:

The Apache Web server is used as a proxy to give HTTP access to the Web Application. It is also used to give writable WebDAV access for the inventory. The Nodes send their inventory to the WebDAV service, the inventory is stored in /var/rudder/inventories/incoming.
The PostgreSQL database is used to store logs sent by the Nodes and reports generated by Rudder. Rudder 4.0 is tested for PostgreSQL 9.2 and higher. It still works with version 8.4 to 9.1, but not warranties are made that it will hold in the future. It is really recommanded to migrate to PostgreSQL 9.2 at least.
rsyslog and rsyslog-pgsql
The rsyslog server is receiving the logs from the nodes and insert them into a PostgreSQL database. On SLES, the rsyslog-pgsql package is not part of the distribution, it can be downloaded alongside Rudder packages.
Java 7+ JRE
The Java runtime is needed by the Jetty application server. Where possible, the package from the distribution is used, else a Java RE must be downloaded from Oracle's website (
This package is used to send inventory files from /var/rudder/inventories/incoming to the Rudder Endpoint.
The running Techniques Library is maintained as a git repository in /var/rudder/configuration-repository/techniques.