Manage the Techniques

The Techniques shipped with Rudder are presented in a library that you can reorganize in Configuration > Techniques. The library is organized in two parts: the available Techniques, and the selection made by the user.

Technique Library
This is an organized list of all available Techniques. This list can’t be modified: every change made by a user will be applied to the Active Techniques.
Active Techniques
This is an organized list of the Techniques selected and modified by the user. By default this list is the same as the Technique Library. Techniques can be disabled or deleted, and then activated again with a simple drag and drop. Categories can be reorganised according to the desired taxonomy. A Technique can appear only once in the Active Techniques list.

The current version of Rudder has only an handful of Techniques. We are aware that it considerably limits the use of the application, but we choose to hold back other Techniques that did not, from our point of view, have the sufficient quality. In the future, there will be some upgrades including more Techniques.


The creation of new Techniques is not covered by the Web interface. This is an advanced task which is currently not covered by this guide.