Configure RAM allocated to Jetty

To change the RAM given to Jetty, you have to:

# edit +/etc/default/rudder-jetty+ with your preferred text editor, for example vim:
vim /etc/default/rudder-jetty

Notice: that file is alike to +/opt/rudder/etc/rudder-jetty.conf+, which is the file with
default values. +/opt/rudder/etc/rudder-jetty.conf+ should never be modified directly because
modification would be erased by packaging in the following Rudder versuib update.

# modify JAVA_XMX to set the value to your need.
# The value is given in MB by default, but you can also use the "G" unit to specify a size in GB.


# save your changes, and restart Jetty:
service restart rudder-jetty

The amount of memory should be the half of the RAM of the server, rounded up to the nearest GB. For example, if the server has 5GB of RAM, 3GB should be allocated to Jetty.