DNS issues

If one of the following problems happen:

  • the agent does not manage to get its configuration back from the server with weird errors
  • the server complains about being unable to resolve the node hostname
  • when starting or restarting Rudder (or rudder-agent) service, cf-serverd start hangs

You probably have a name resolution problem. Please keep in mind that Rudder needs a working name resolution environment to operate properly, and therefore every machine should be at least able to resolve the name of their peer.

You have two options:

  • Fix your DNS server or the /etc/hosts on both the server and the node, so they can resolve each other (you can check using nslookup). You need to restart rudder-agent on the server to apply it
  • Disable hostname checking on the server in AdministrationSettingsUse reverse DNS lookups on nodes to reinforce authentication to policy server. This is the preferred solution if you have nodes behind a NAT.