On the database server

  • Install and configure the agent on the node, and install the rudder-reports package.
  • Change the postgresql.conf file (usually in /var/lib/pgsql or /etc/postgresql), to listen on the right interface to communicate with the server:
# you can use '*' to listen on all interfaces
listen_addresses = 'IP_TO_USE'
  • Also ensure that network policies (i.e. the firewall settings) allow PostgreSQL flows from the root server to the database server.
  • Add an authorization line for the server (in pg_hba.conf, in the same directory):
host    rudder          rudder          ROOT_SERVER_IP/32       md5
  • Restart postgresql to apply the new settings:
service postgresql restart
  • Execute the following command to configure the password (that should be the same as RUDDER_PSQL_PASSWORD in /opt/rudder/etc/rudder-passwords.conf on the root server):
  • Run an inventory to the server:
rudder agent inventory