Understanding how Technique Editor works

Table of Contents

Directory layout

In this chapter, we are giving an overview about how the Technique Editor works and how it is integrated with the main Rudder application.

Directory layout

As explained in http://www.ncf.io/, ncf uses a structured directory tree composed of several layers of logic, from internal libraries to Techniques and user services. All the files and logic in these folders will be named "library" for simplicity

ncf directory structure exists in two root folders:

  • /usr/share/ncf/tree

    • This is the standard library installation folder. It is created and updated by the the ncf package. This folder will be completely overwritten when you update ncf package so you should never modify anything here: it will be lost at some point.
  • /var/rudder/configuration-repository/ncf

    • This is were you add your own ncf Generic Methods and Techniques. Techniques created with the Technique Editor will be located here, and both Generic and Techniques in that place will be accessible in the Technique Editor alongside what is provided by the standard library.