Agent execution frequency on nodes

Checking configuration (CFEngine)

Rudder is configured to check and repair configurations using the CFEngine agent every 5 minutes, at 5 minutes past the hour, 10 minutes past the hour, etc.

The exact run time on each machine will be delayed by a random interval, in order to "smooth" the load across your infrastructure (also known as "splay time"). This reduces simultaneous connections on relay and root servers (both for the CFEngine server and for sending reports).

Up to and including Rudder 2.10.x, this random interval is between 0 and 1 minutes. As of Rudder 2.10.x and later, this random interval is between 0 and 5 minutes.

Inventory (FusionInventory)

The FusionInventory agent collects data about the node it’s running on such as machine type, OS details, hardware, software, networks, running virtual machines, running processes, environment variables…

This inventory is scheduled once every 24 hours, and will happen in between 0:00 and 5:00 AM. The exact time is randomized across nodes to "smooth" the load across your infrastructure.