Recommended solution: Technique Editor

The easiest way to create your own Techniques is to use the Technique editor, a web interface to create and manage Techniques based on the ncf framework.

Creating a technique in the Technique Editor will generate a Technique for Rudder automatically. You can then use that Technique to create a Directive that will be applied on your Nodes thanks to a Rule.

For more information about ncf and the Technique editor, you can visit:

Using the Technique Editor

The Technique Editor is available in the Directive screen or directly in the Utilities menu. Once on the Technique Editor, creating a Technique simply consist to add desired "Generic Methods" building block and configure them.

When the Technique match your expectations, hitting save will automatically add it to available Technique in the Directive screen of Rudder (in the "User Technique" category).


In case of any issue with the Technique Editor, the first step should always be to look for its log messages. These logs are sent to Apache system error logs:

  • On Debian, by default: /var/log/apache2/error.log
  • On RHEL, by default: /var/log/httpd/error_log