What is a Change request ?

A Change request represents a modification of a Rule/Directive/Group from an old state to a new one. The Change is not saved and applied by the configuration, before that, it needs to be reviewed and approved by other members of the team.

A Change request has:

  • An Id (an integer > 0)
  • A title.
  • A description.
  • A creator.
  • A status.
  • Its own history.

This information can be updated on the change request detail page. For now, a Change request is linked to one change at a time.

Change request status

There is 4 Change request status:

Pending validation
  • The change has to be reviewed and validated.
  • Can be send to: Pending deployment, Deployed, Cancelled.
Pending deployment
  • The change was validated, but now require to be deployed.
  • Can be send to: Deployed, Cancelled.
  • The change is deployed.
  • This is a final state, it can’t be moved anymore.
  • The change was not approved.
  • This is a final state, it can’t be moved anymore.

Here is a diagram about all those states and transitions:


Change request management page

All Change requests can be seen on the /secure/utilities/changeRequests page. There is a table containing all requests, you can access to each of them by clicking on their id. You can filter change requests by status and only display what you need.


Change request detail page

Each Change request is reachable on the /secure/utilities/changeRequest/id.


The page is divided into two sections:

Change request information
display common information (title, description, status, id) and a form to edit them.
Change request content

In this section, there is two tabs:

  • History about that change request


  • Display the change proposed