Technique creation

Rudder provides a set of pre-defined Techniques that cover some basic configuration and system administration needs. You can also create your own Techniques, to implement new functionalities or configure new services. This paragraph will walk you through this process.

There is two ways to configure new Techniques, either thanks to the web Technique Editor in Rudder or by coding them by hand.

The use of the Technique Editor (code name: ncf-builder) is the easiest way to create new Techniques and is fully integrated with Rudder. On the other hand, it does not allow the same level of complexity and expressiveness than coding a Technique by hand. Of course, coding new Techniques by hand is a more involved process that needs to learn how the Technique description language and Technique reporting works.

We advice to always start to try to create new Techniques with the Technique Editor and switch to the hand-coding creation only if you discover specific needs not addressed that way.