Processing new inventories on the server

Verify the inventory has been received by the Rudder Root Server

There is some delay between the time when the first inventory of the Node is sent, and the time when the Node appears in the New Nodes of the web interface. For the brave and impatient, you can check if the inventory was sent by listing incoming Nodes on the server:

ls /var/rudder/inventories/incoming/

Process incoming inventories

On the next run of the CFEngine agent on Rudder Root Server, the new inventory will be detected and sent to the Inventory Endpoint. The inventory will be then moved in the directory of received inventories. The Inventory Endpoint do its job and the new Node appears in the interface.

You can force the execution of CFEngine agent on the console:

rudder agent run

Validate new Nodes

User interaction is required to validate new Nodes.

Prepare policies for the Node

Policies are not shared between the Nodes for obvious security and confidentiality reasons. Each Node has its own set of policies. Policies are generated for Nodes according in the following states:

  1. Node is new;
  2. Inventory has changed;
  3. Technique has changed;
  4. Directive has changed;
  5. Group of Node has changed;
  6. Rule has changed;
  7. Regeneration was forced by the user.

Figure 9. Generate policy workflow