Use a database on a separate server

This section allows installing a separate database only without splitting the rest of the server components like when using the rudder-multiserver-setup script. The setup is done in two places: on the database server and on the Rudder root server.

It also allows moving an existing database to another server.

[Tip]Use different user and database names

It can be useful, for example if you want to share you database server between several Rudder root servers (see note below), to use a different database for your Rudder root server. To do so:

  • Create the new database (replace alternate_user_name, alternate_base_name and specify a password):
su - postgres -c "psql -q -c \"CREATE USER alternate_user_name WITH PASSWORD 'GENERATE_A_PASSWORD'\""
su - postgres -c "psql -q -c \"CREATE DATABASE alternate_base_name WITH OWNER = alternate_user_name\""
  • Initialize it. First copy the initialization script:
 cp /opt/rudder/etc/postgresql/reportsSchema.sql /opt/rudder/etc/postgresql/reportsSchema-alternate.sql
  • In the copied file, change the:
ALTER database rudder SET standard_conforming_strings=true;


ALTER database alternate_base_name SET standard_conforming_strings=true;
  • Then apply the script:
su - postgres -c "psql -q -U alternate_user_name -h localhost -d alternate_base_name \
     -f /opt/rudder/etc/postgresql/reportsSchema-alternate.sql"
  • Follow the standard instructions of this section, with two differences:

    • You need to adjust the line added to pg_hba.conf to match your user and database name.
    • You need to also change the database name and user in
[Caution]Use the same database server for several Rudder root servers

It is possible to share the same database server between several Rudder instances, by following the preceding tip to use a different database than the default one. However, there are some important points to know:

  • This database server can only be used with the rudder-db role in case of multiserver setup.
  • This database server can only be a node for one of the Rudder servers. This also means that this root server will have indirect access to the content of the other databases.