Importing configuration

On the target server, importing the configuration will "merge" them with the existing configuration: every groups, rules, directives or techniques with the same identifier will be replaced by the import, and all others will remain untouched.

To import the archive on the target Rudder server, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Uncompress the zip archive in /var/rudder/configuration-repository
  2. If necessary, correct all files permissions: chown -R root:rudder directives groups parameters ruleCategories rules techniques
  3. Add all files in the git repository: git add . && git commit -am "Importing configuration"
  4. Finally, in the Web interface, go to the Administration > Archives section, and select Latest Git commit in the drop down list in the Global archive section, and click on Restore everything to restore the configuration.

You can also perform the synchronisation from on environment to another by using git, through a unique git repository referenced on both environment.

For instance, using one unique git repository you can follow this workflow:

  1. On Rudder test:

    1. Use Rudder web interface to prepare your policy;
    2. Create an archive;
    3. git push to the central repository;
  2. On Rudder production:

    1. git pull from the central repository;
    2. Use Rudder web interface to import the qualified archive.