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Rudder is an easy to use, web-driven, role-based solution for IT Infrastructure Automation and Compliance.

Getting Started

If you are new to Rudder you can follow these steps to discover and start using Rudder:


Besides this documentation, you can find a lot of other useful information:

  • The Changelog for this version. It describes the changes in each release.
  • The Rudder project website
  • The FAQ, particularly:
    • What is an ESR version? How long are Rudder versions supported? All the answers are in the versionning policy
    • .
  • You need help or have questions about Rudder? You can:
  • You need training, or commercial support? Normation provides services for Rudder
  • Browse the developer documentation if you want to contribute or dive into Rudder internals
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You can browse this documentation using the left tree, or use the search field in the header bar. It is also embedded in the Rudder server Web interface for offline usage.

If you find any issue, lacking information, or if you have a suggestion, open an issue in our bugtracker.