Technique upgrade

At the first installation, Rudder will automatically deploy a Technique library in the /var/rudder/configuration-repository/techniques directory.

When upgrading Rudder to another version, a new (updated) Technique library will be deployed in /opt/rudder/share/techniques, and Rudder will automatically take care of updating the system Techniques in the configuration-repository directory.

However, the other Techniques will not be updated automatically (yet), so you will have to do it yourself.


Please keep in mind that if you did manual modifications on the Techniques in existing directories, or created new versions of them, you will have some merging work to do.

To upgrade you local techniques, run the following commands on the Rudder Root Server:

cd /var/rudder/configuration-repository
cp -a /opt/rudder/share/techniques/* techniques/
git status
# Now, inspect the differences. If no conflict is noticeable, then go ahead.
git add techniques/
git commit -m "Technique upgrade" # Here, put a meaningful message about why you are updating.
rudder server reload-techniques

This last command will reload the Technique library and trigger a full redeployment on nodes.

Please check that the deployment is successful in the Rudder web interface.