Accept new Nodes

At the starting point, the Rudder Server doesn’t know anything about the Nodes. After the installation of the Rudder Agent, each Node registers itself to the Rudder Server, and sends a first inventory. Every new Node must be manually validated in the Rudder Web Interface to become part of Rudder Managed Nodes. This task is performed in the Node Management > Accept new Nodes section of the application. You can select Nodes waiting for an approval, and determine whether you consider them as valid or not. Click on each Node name to display the extended inventory. Click on the magnifying glass icon to display the policies which will be applied after the validation.

Example 1. Accept the new Node

  1. Install and configure the Rudder Agent on the new Node
  2. Wait a few minutes for the first run of the Rudder Agent.
  3. Navigate to Node Management > Accept new Nodes.
  4. Select the new Node in the list.
  5. Validate the Node.
  6. The Node is now integrated in Rudder, you can search it using the search tools.