[rudder-announce] End-of-life for Rudder 3.2.* - 10th February 2017 and last release

Vincent Membré vincent.membre at normation.com
Thu Feb 9 11:40:34 CET 2017

Dear Rudder users,

Let me remind you that the maintenance end-of-life for the Rudder 3.2 branch is coming up soon (in fact, really soon, tomorrow officialy).

Indeed, when Rudder 4.0 was released, in November 2016, we announced [1] that security corrections and bug fixes would be provided on the 3.2.* series for a further 3 months, that is until 10th September 2016.

Due to the late reminder and the fact we fixed a lot of bugs since previous release, a last release (3.2.11) will be made next week and then it will considered officialy End-of-life

We recommend that any installations still using 3.2 be upgraded as soon as possible to Rudder 4.0 (latest version) if you want to enjoy our newest features.

Upgrade documentation is available here:

Read more about our versioning policy and maintenance periods on: https://www.rudder-project.org/site/documentation/faq/#what_is_the_versioning_policy.

Best Regards,

[1]  http://www.rudder-project.org/pipermail/rudder-announce/2016-November/000211.html

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