[rudder-announce] End-of-life for Rudder 3.2 - 10th February 2017

Alexis Mousset alexis.mousset at normation.com
Tue Nov 15 10:14:43 CET 2016

Dear Rudder users,

As Rudder 4.0 has been released last week, it becomes the new *latest* 
version of Rudder, and we will end 3.2 support in 3 months as stated in 
our versioning policy 

The end-of-life date for 3.2 branch is *10th February 2017*. Until then, 
Rudder 3.2 will continue to receive security corrections and bug fixes.

We recommend that any installations still using 3.2 be upgraded to 
Rudder 4.0 as soon as possible to enjoy the latest features. This is a 
simple operation, as described in this documentation entry: 

Read more about our versioning policy and maintenance periods on 

Have a good day!

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