About Rudder

Continuous configuration for effective compliance

Rudder is an easy to use, web-driven, role-based solution for IT Infrastructure Automation & Compliance.

The workflow offers different users options at their own level:

  • Non-expert users can define parameters in a central interface, and Rudder will automatically make sure that your IT services are installed, configured, running and in good health. All actions (checks, warnings, fixed errors…) are reported upon immediately in the user interface, keeping drift from nominal behaviour low.
  • Expert users can configure how to implement these parameters on different systems, or build upon the pre-defined library provided using the CLI or API.
  • Managers can consult compliance reports and access audit logs.

Rudder is an established project with several 10000s of node managed, in companies from small to biggest-in-their-field. Typical deployments manage 100s to 1000s of nodes. The biggest known deployment in 2016 is about 7000 nodes.


Feature overview

  • Web interface to manage nodes and define policies
  • Continuously assesses drift compared to defined policies (with or without auto-healing)
  • Optionally, continuously enforces configuration over time (configuring once is good, ensuring configuration is always valid and automatically fixing it is better)
  • Inventory of all managed nodes
  • Compliance reporting, by configuration and/or by node, with possibility to drill down in non-compliance issues to identify the root problem.
  • Automate common system administration tasks (installation, configuration)
  • Full REST API to interact with the Rudder server