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  • Rudder (Product owner, Developer, 2010-11-25)
  • Rudder tools (Product owner, Developer, 2013-09-09)
  • ncf (Product owner, Developer, 2013-09-10)
  • Project website (Product owner, Developer, 2015-03-11)



15:12 Rudder User story #12099 (New): Improve formatting and clarify Windows plugin documentation
The main documentation for installing and using the Windows DSC plugin for Rudder, currently at https://www.rudder-pr...


17:10 Rudder Bug #3814: Attempting to install a non-existant package via yum should return an error (RHEL <= 5)
According to Alexis this only happens on RHEL <= 5.
17:02 Rudder Bug #2411 (Rejected): CFEngine doesn't expireafter when installing a package
Since #2478 was fixed, this no longer actually has any impact in Rudder. It may be of concern to plain CFEngine users...
16:59 Rudder Bug #1991 (Rejected): When a node has not a correct time configuration, the reports are not correct
It is a documented prerequisite for Rudder that all nodes must have correctly configured clocks, and preferably a tig...
16:39 Rudder Bug #10751: incorrect reporting with partial runs
Florian Heigl wrote:
> M| State Technique Component Key Messa...


12:30 Rudder Architecture #10004: Rudder Agent on ARM
Hi! It's good to know there's interest for this agent - we will make sure to publish a testable package for Raspbian/...
10:39 Rudder Bug #10659: Node search input field are tiny and a nightmare to use
Objectively, this does not *prevent* use, it hinders it, so changing severity to Minor. We must be careful not to abu...


00:33 Rudder Bug #10274: Weird appearance of sub section in doc in Rudder 4.x
Sorry, this should still be assigned to Nico for feedback.


18:40 Rudder tools Bug #10650 (Pending release): Document where to get rudder-dev in the GitHub repo
Applied in changeset commit:rudder-tools|909d64e55092b042e1a6c25cec397cd28c03e409.
17:27 Rudder Bug #7622 (Pending release): Technique files contains UTF-8 chars (especially spaces)
Applied in changeset commit:rudder-techniques|5f5cd2384f399257f489235e0e88753abc9e4692.

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