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19:25 Rudder Bug #7381: Process management issues on nodes hosting LXC containers
I wanted to report on CentOS7 it's now easily possible (after a few hours of failed attempts) to identify if...


16:02 Rudder Bug #10019: blocks on inventory parsing error
I found something, not exactly the same.
The inventory processing aborts once an exit 1 is propagated from send_cl...


20:06 Rudder User story #11631: Implement disable-flag for policy server policy copy for nodes
We just had a short discussion about this.
I'd recommend a setting instead of a switch, so that multiple transfer mo...


15:59 Rudder Bug #11722 (New): Agent run interval on relays
I just noticed, the GUI setting in Node -> Settings allows configuring the run interval for relay agents.
AFAIK for ...
15:54 Rudder Bug #11721: cf-served seems to not work in audit mode
clarification: I don't know the exact reason of the cf-served problem since it doesnt happen if i run it manually.
15:53 Rudder Bug #11721 (New): cf-served seems to not work in audit mode
I wasn't aware that the global audit mode setting also affects rudder server components.
(yes, it has global ...
15:50 Rudder Bug #11720 (New): policy generation failure via rudder-reload-cf-served if PATH is restricted.
I just switched our master to enforcing mode (because otherwise cf-served seems to not run)
Policy generation fail...


17:26 Rudder Bug #11622 (Rejected): "rudder agent update" always displays success message, even if update failed
If a node is able to access the system policy but not it's own:
It's still saying, at the same time, that the upda...
15:31 Rudder User story #11618: Node properties local override
I'm not sure I understand the example well enough.
Is it really supposed to move "property_key1" to "property_key2"
13:50 Rudder Bug #11613: generic_variable_definition inserts spaces in multi lined values
it is my understanding that this use was never indented.
now the question is if it would be possible to fix it to ac...

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