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Updated by Nicolas CHARLES about 1 year ago

Our goal is to have a standardized way to set sysctl settings (I am actually astonished this has not been requested yet by anybody).

This would be achieved low-level by a generic NCF method to Set sysctl values.

* json hash or array (referencable by getindices)
* sysctl config filename

*Sanity checks:*
* class “linux”
* the existence of “/proc/sys” (to only run if the kernel is compiled with sysctl enabled).

* edit /etc/sysctl.conf for each key promising the correct “key = value” line is present
* writing the value using the sysctl (by paths.sysctl) command if not already set (we could query all sysctl settings in one step and store it in an array to speed up parsing)

* 30_generic_methods/