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# Project Tracker Parent task Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Category Target version
12694 ncf Bug In progress N/A In Rudder 4.1, we cannot do reporting using a variable defined in a generic method Nicolas CHARLES Generic methods Rudder - 4.1.12
12639 ncf Architecture Architecture #12636 Pending release N/A Use pylint to verify python code in ncf Benoît PECCATTE Benoît PECCATTE Packaging Rudder - 4.1.12
12512 Rudder Bug Pending release N/A Buttons don't follow a straight design Janos Mattyasovszky Raphael GAUTHIER Web - UI & UX Rudder - 4.1.12
12537 Rudder User story Pending release N/A Centreon plugin Victor QUERETTE Benoît PECCATTE Plugins Rudder - 4.3.2
9299 Rudder Bug Pending release N/A Extend groups search capabilities for complex JSON Properties / JsonPath Janos Mattyasovszky Vincent MEMBRÉ Web - Nodes & inventories Rudder - 4.3.2
12825 Rudder Bug New N/A Editing Techniques Matthew Frost
12824 Rudder Bug New N/A Directives Textbox Matthew Frost
12821 Rudder Bug New N/A No reports: 100.00% but compliance OK Nicolas ECARNOT
12812 ncf Bug New N/A Wrong reports on "File content" when using undefined variables Félix DALLIDET Generic methods - File Management
12803 Rudder Architecture New N/A Use longer gpg key on recent systems Benoît PECCATTE
12752 Rudder Bug New N/A Datasources plugin scheduler problems after updating/deleting a datasource Ilan COSTA Plugin - datasources
12691 ncf User story New N/A Add a JSON validator in JSON fields in the editor Alexis MOUSSET Technique editor - UI/UX
12686 Rudder User story New N/A lock properties when they are modified by datasource Benoît PECCATTE Web - UI & UX
12668 Rudder User story New N/A Remove the "Update policy" button Benoît PECCATTE Raphael GAUTHIER Web - UI & UX
12628 Rudder User story New N/A Backport openssl 1.1 compatibility patches Alexis MOUSSET Alexis MOUSSET Packaging
12571 Rudder User story New N/A Ubuntu 18.04 LTS support Alexis MOUSSET Packaging
12567 ncf User story New N/A Add the ability to take multiple files at once to sharedfile_from_node Benoît PECCATTE Generic methods
12565 Rudder Architecture Architecture #4174 New N/A V1 api uses case listing Pierre HAY Pierre HAY API
12535 Rudder Bug New N/A Variable expansion in cron technique Jean Cardona Techniques
12508 Rudder User story Pending release N/A Have a daemon forward the inventories instead of the agent's run Janos Mattyasovszky Server components
12495 Rudder User story New N/A Make "rudder agent" capable of configuring the agent Janos Mattyasovszky Agent
12468 ncf Bug New N/A dsc filter in technique editor does not seem to work Félix DALLIDET Technique editor - UI/UX
12440 Rudder Bug New N/A When the api authorization plugin is disabled tokens become read only Benoît PECCATTE Vincent MEMBRÉ Plugin - API ACL
12428 Rudder Question New N/A Missing reports on two servers nabyle soufi
12259 Rudder User story New N/A Help users to "forget" node keys via GUI Janos Mattyasovszky Web - Nodes & inventories
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