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13531 Rudder Bug New N/A Audit/Enforce button in directive page should be similar than node page Alexandre BRIANCEAU Web - Config management
13530 Rudder Bug New N/A Full path details to shared-folders in WebUI Alexandre BRIANCEAU Web - Config management
13520 Rudder Bug New N/A No favicon for Rudder doc on embeded doc Nicolas CHARLES Documentation Rudder - 5.0.1
13513 Rudder Bug New N/A Fonts changed in Rudder 5.0 in table Nicolas CHARLES Web - UI & UX Rudder - 5.0.1
13512 Rudder Bug New N/A Imperfect alignement of radio button Nicolas CHARLES Web - UI & UX Rudder - 5.0.1
13511 Rudder Bug New N/A In directive page, tooltip is not correctly aligned with text Nicolas CHARLES Web - UI & UX Rudder - 4.3.5
13509 Rudder Bug New N/A Using API with // fails silently on Rudder 5.0 Nicolas CHARLES Security Rudder - 5.0.1
13508 Rudder Bug New N/A JS Error when setting the "Send anonymous usage statistics " value Nicolas CHARLES Web - Maintenance Rudder - 4.1.15
13507 Rudder Bug New N/A when upgrading from 4.3 to 5.0, even with option autoupdate-technique-library=true, techniques are not reloaded Nicolas CHARLES Packaging Rudder - 5.0.1
13505 Rudder Bug New N/A rudder server command states that "Warning: Long arguments are not supported, you probably tried to use one!" - but it does support it Nicolas CHARLES Agent Rudder - 4.1.15
13498 Rudder Bug New N/A Embedded documentation in Rudder 4.3 has no CSS (and links to GM are 404'ing) Nicolas CHARLES Packaging Rudder - 4.3.5
13497 Rudder Bug New N/A On Debian, during upgrade 4.1 -> 4.3, packages tries to remove /var/rudder/share Nicolas CHARLES Packaging Rudder - 4.3.5
13489 Rudder Bug New N/A Port #1670 to branch 4.3 Nicolas CHARLES Techniques Rudder - 4.3.5
13484 Rudder tools User story New N/A Add fixup to rudder-dev Benoît PECCATTE Rudder dev tools Rudder tools - master
13478 Rudder Bug New N/A Mandatory logs message are not totally mandatory Nicolas CHARLES Web - Config management Rudder - 4.1.15
13476 Rudder Bug New N/A Bad display of radio button on the Reports Database page in Rudder 5.0 Nicolas CHARLES Web - UI & UX Rudder - 5.0.1
13433 Rudder Question Discussion N/A How to change ports? mirko tebaldi
13429 Rudder Bug New N/A Make nodecompliance ttl data François ARMAND Performance and scalability Rudder - 4.3.5
13424 Rudder Bug New N/A Group of group is empty if we use the AND combinator Benoît PECCATTE Web - Nodes & inventories Rudder - 4.3.5
13418 Rudder Bug New N/A Invalid value reported for Node expected reports saved in base in Rudder log Nicolas CHARLES Performance and scalability Rudder - 4.1.15
13410 Rudder Bug New N/A rudder server upgrade-techniques breaks permission Nicolas CHARLES Web - Technique editor Rudder - 4.1.15
13408 Rudder User story New N/A Automatically upgrade techniques when we upgrade Rudder Nicolas CHARLES Techniques Rudder - 5.0.1
13406 Rudder Bug New N/A Race condition on reinstall of packages triggers re-conversion of old LDAP BDB files to LMDB Florian Heigl Server components
13387 Rudder Bug New N/A Components order in Compliance Report for Node Martin Zbozien Web - UI & UX
13378 Rudder Architecture New N/A Remove minicurl Benoît PECCATTE System techniques Rudder - Ideas (not version specific)
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