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# Category Status Subject Priority Effort required Assignee Author Target version Project
13517 Performance and scalability Pending technical review Policy generation fails definitively when postgresql is shut down during policy generation 122 Very Small Nicolas CHARLES Nicolas CHARLES Rudder - 4.1.15 Rudder
12829 Web - UI & UX In progress We have no way to know that a Technique is disabled 98 Very Small Raphael GAUTHIER François ARMAND Rudder - 4.3.5 Rudder
13290 Techniques New Broken reporting when copying a directory from the Rudder server without specifying the trailing / in the destination 79 Very Small Alexis MOUSSET Rudder - 4.1.15 Rudder
13406 Server components New Race condition on reinstall of packages triggers re-conversion of old LDAP BDB files to LMDB 65 Florian Heigl Rudder
12292 Documentation New There is no explanation about Rules configuration in the doc 63 Small Alexis MOUSSET Alexis MOUSSET Rudder - 4.1.15 Rudder
12440 New When the api authorization plugin is disabled tokens become read only 62 Vincent MEMBRÉ Benoît PECCATTE API Authorizations - 4.3-1.3 API Authorizations
11615 Techniques New Package Management update only 60 Alexis MOUSSET Alexander Brunhirl Rudder - 4.1.15 Rudder
12740 Technique editor - UI/UX New Make conditionals visible / Make used classes visible 60 Very Small Raphael GAUTHIER Florian Heigl Rudder - 4.1.15 ncf
6920 Techniques New Enforce file content does not work correctly when there are duplicate lines to enforce 59 Stephen Horvath Rudder - 4.1.15 Rudder
6846 Web - Compliance & node report New Reporting is not ok when we must receive multiple reports 59 Vincent MEMBRÉ Rudder - 4.1.15 Rudder
12694 Generic methods In progress In Rudder 4.1, we cannot do reporting using a variable defined in a generic method 59 Medium Nicolas CHARLES Rudder - 4.1.12 ncf
7372 Techniques New copy file from shared folder enforce permissions even on not copied files 58 Vincent MEMBRÉ Rudder - 4.1.15 Rudder
7799 Agent New directories are not replaced by a file with the same name during file copy 58 Alexis MOUSSET Rudder - 4.1.15 Rudder
8004 Techniques New Cron daemon configuration (3.0) does not actually handle the user setting 58 Florian Heigl Rudder
10973 Web - Config management New When hooks are exiting an error, we don't get the node that is failing, and we can have stackoverfloww error if there are many of them 58 Very Small François ARMAND Nicolas CHARLES Rudder - 4.1.15 Rudder
11126 Packaging New ncf-api-virtualenv does not have a group created 58 Very Small Janos Mattyasovszky Rudder
11616 Architecture - Internal libs New API tokens are not evaluated indepently of LDAP credentials 58 François ARMAND Florian Heigl Rudder
11678 Web - Compliance & node report New Mixed directive with enforced host and directive 58 Small Vincent MEMBRÉ Benoît PECCATTE Rudder - 4.1.15 Rudder
6403 System integration New Postgresql misconfigured when not the default distrib package (ex: Centos 6 with Postgresql 9.3 from 56 emb3dd3d server Rudder - 4.1.15 Rudder
6412 System techniques New Technique uses /root as an hardcoded value for the home of user root 56 Nicolas CHARLES Rudder - 4.1.15 Rudder
8351 Server components New After the promises generation, cf-serverd config may not be reloaded, preventing new nodes from connecting 56 Medium Nicolas CHARLES Rudder - 4.3.5 Rudder
10732 Web - Config management New Permissions problems when exporting / importing global archive 56 Medium Vincent MEMBRÉ Ilan COSTA Rudder - 4.1.15 Rudder
11206 Packaging New Postrm fails on rudder-webapp and ncf-api-virtualenv 56 Small Benoît PECCATTE Rudder - 4.1.15 Rudder
5768 Web - Nodes & inventories New Bad "last seen" time when the timezone given by java does not matches the system one 55 Small Matthieu CERDA Rudder - Ideas (not version specific) Rudder
8102 Techniques New Missing reporting in "File permission" when the file name contains a CFEngine variable and the file does not exist 55 Small Alexis MOUSSET Rudder - 4.1.15 Rudder
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