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7513ncfBugNewN/AResult classes are the same for check_* and install_* (legacy) package generic methodsFrancois BAYARTGeneric methods - Legacy Package ManagementRudder - 4.1.11
8008ncfBugNewN/AScheduler classes have incomplete labelsFlorian HeiglGeneric methodsRudder - 4.1.11
10723ncfBugNewN/AEscaping backslash+double quote in NCF method file_ensure_lines_presentFerenc UlrichTechnique editor - UI/UX
10769ncfBugNewN/Avariable_iterator use breaks reportingFlorian HeiglGeneric methods
10855ncfBugNewN/APackage Manager methods fail when a package providing the desired package is installedHamlyn MootooGeneric methods - Package ManagementRudder - 4.1.11
11587ncfBugNewN/AEnsure service (re)started does now work if systemd hit "start-limit"Janos MattyasovszkyGeneric methods - Service Management
11589ncfBugNewN/APackage present with local rpm on version "latest" fails to installJanos MattyasovszkyGeneric methods - Package ManagementRudder - 4.1.11
6422ncfUser storyNewN/ACreate method for installing multiple packages at once (with versions)Peter KeresztesGeneric methodsRudder - Ideas (not version specific)
7246ncfUser storyNew3Can't clear class context in method conditionOlivier MaurasRaphael GAUTHIERTechnique editor - UI/UXRudder - 4.1.11
7259ncfUser storyNew3Please create a central place where people can share selfmade (NCF) techniquesDennis CabooterPackagingRudder - Ideas (not version specific)
9576ncfUser storyNewN/AEnsure that the python-jinja2 library is presentAlexandre AnriotAlexis MOUSSETGeneric methodsRudder - 4.1.11
9706ncfUser storyNewN/AMethod to set sysctl settingsJanos MattyasovszkyGeneric methodsRudder - Ideas (not version specific)
10717ncfUser storyNewN/Asharedfile_to_node pollutes the shared file's directory with the signatureJanos MattyasovszkyGeneric methodsRudder - Ideas (not version specific)
10942ncfUser storyNewN/AAbility to define post-conditions on every NCF methodFlorian HeiglGeneric methodsRudder - Ideas (not version specific)
11119ncfUser storyNewN/AGeneric methods docFélix DALLIDETDocumentationRudder - Ideas (not version specific)
11320ncfUser storyNewN/Aadd Select1 in generic methodsFélix DALLIDETGeneric methodsRudder - Ideas (not version specific)
11607ncfUser storyNewN/AAdd jinja filters for file templatingIlan COSTAGeneric methodsRudder - Ideas (not version specific)
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2613RudderBugNew4Problem when updating a category name for Technique Management in /var/rudderJean VILVERWeb - Config managementRudder - 4.1.11
2732RudderBugNew4dpkg -P rudder-reports doesn't purge everythingGonéri Le BouderPackagingRudder - 4.1.11
3656RudderBugNew3can't start motd with empty lineFrancois TIFFREAUWeb - Config managementRudder - 4.1.11
4119RudderBugNewN/AOn mixed 32/64 bits RHEL/CentOS 5, dependencies of rudder-agent may not be installed Dennis CabooterPackagingRudder - 4.1.11
4398RudderBugNewN/APost-hook command report should be an error if command returned an errorDennis CabooterTechniquesRudder - 4.1.11
4513RudderBugNew5Technical reports timeout when no reports are availableOlivier MaurasWeb - Nodes & inventories
5154RudderBug#6363NewN/ANode key not deleted after deleting a node in the web uiLionel Le FolgocWeb - Nodes & inventoriesRudder - Ideas (not version specific)
5283RudderBugNewN/AUnhelpful feedback with special string template charactersLionel Le FolgocWeb - Config managementRudder - 4.1.11
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