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# Project Tracker Parent task Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Category Target version
13683 ncf Bug Pending technical review N/A Broken reporting in permisisons recurse Alexis MOUSSET Nicolas CHARLES Generic methods - File Management Rudder - 4.3.6
13682 Rudder Bug New N/A server command based on jq should exit when jq is not installed and explain to install it Vincent MEMBRÉ Server components Rudder - 4.3.6
13681 Rudder Bug Pending technical review N/A "directive-upgrade" rudder command does not work Vincent MEMBRÉ Benoît PECCATTE Techniques Rudder - 4.3.6
13680 User management User story New N/A Automated provisioning account Ilan COSTA
13679 Rudder Bug New N/A On upgrade ncf.conf file is not commited Vincent MEMBRÉ Packaging Rudder - 4.1.16
13678 Rudder Bug New N/A Updating a package with "Packages" technique makes a reporting error but package is updated on Centos/RHEL Vincent MEMBRÉ Techniques Rudder - 4.1.16
13677 Rudder Architecture Pending release N/A Embed dependencies on ubuntu 15 Benoît PECCATTE Alexis MOUSSET Packaging Rudder - 5.0.1
13676 Rudder Bug Pending release N/A Ubuntu 13.04 package tries to use systemd Benoît PECCATTE Nicolas CHARLES Packaging Rudder - 5.0.1
13675 Rudder Bug New N/A Rudder agent on Ubuntu 13.04 fails to start Nicolas CHARLES Packaging Rudder - 5.0.2
13674 Rudder Bug New N/A Compliance error (missing) when a directive is applied by two rules on a node François ARMAND François ARMAND Web - Compliance & node report Rudder - 4.3.6
13673 Rudder Question New N/A Rudder sur Internet nabyle soufi
13672 Rudder Bug New N/A Uninstall on debian 9 Thomas CAILHE
13671 Rudder Bug New N/A Get information from variable in directives Thomas CAILHE
13670 Rudder Bug Pending technical review N/A Script rudder-support-info is too chatty when looking for time (branch 5.0) Nicolas CHARLES Alexis MOUSSET Packaging Rudder - 5.0.2
13669 ncf Bug Pending technical review N/A Missing status when I use `File copy from Rudder shared folder` Thomas CAILHE Nicolas CHARLES Generic methods - File Management Rudder - 4.3.6
13668 ncf Bug Pending technical review N/A improve testing on schedule lib Nicolas CHARLES Benoît PECCATTE Generic methods Rudder - 4.1.16
13667 ncf User story Pending technical review N/A Add condition_once and execute_once generic methods Alexis MOUSSET Nicolas CHARLES Generic methods Rudder - 4.3.6
13666 ncf Bug New N/A Jinja templating method does not correctly clean up temporary files in audit mode Alexis MOUSSET Generic methods - File Management Rudder - 4.1.16
13665 Rudder User story New N/A node search data augmentation Florian Heigl François ARMAND Architecture - Internal libs Rudder - Ideas (not version specific)
13664 Rudder Bug Pending technical review N/A Mustache templating in audit mode always considers destination compliant once it exists Alexis MOUSSET Nicolas CHARLES Agent Rudder - 4.1.16
13663 Rudder Bug New N/A Missing spaces between key and message on rudder agent run report when using -w option Ilan COSTA Agent
13662 Scale-out relay Bug New N/A Installing scale-out-relay should trigger a policy generation Nicolas CHARLES Scale-out relay - 5.0-1.2
13661 Rudder Bug New N/A Error when installing rudder-server-relay on debian9 Nicolas CHARLES Relay server or API Rudder - 4.3.6
13660 Rudder tools Bug Pending release N/A Missing Ubuntu 13.04 and 15.10 from supported os Vincent MEMBRÉ Alexis MOUSSET Rudder tools - master
13659 Rudder Bug Pending release N/A rudder-doc embedeed doesn't work anymore Nicolas CHARLES Alexis MOUSSET Documentation Rudder - 4.1.15
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