Some reports are in "No report"

If you get no reports at all for the Node

First thing to check is to see if reports were received by Rudder server.

Check the last report time (called Last seen) in List Nodes page. If you see:

  • Never: your Node is misconfigured or has a communication issue with the server
  • A date far (more than 15 minutes) from current time: Synchronize server and node time
  • A recent date: check if the node has correctly updated

Now we will check if promises were updated on the Node. Maybe the node could not update its promises anymore, even if the reporting looks ok and Rules seems to be applied but report keeps in ‘No report’.

To check if a node can update its promises, run (on the node) rudder agent run. You’ll get the result of the ‘Update‘ component in the execution (in the Common Technique).

To update its promises, a Node needs to get a directory on Rudder server (/var/rudder/share/node_uuid), and Rudder checks if the node is authorized to access that directory. This check is based on the capability to resolve the ip as an accepted node. So if your node can’t update its promises, it’s probably because of a DNS issue!

If you get incomplete reporting for the Node

When the agent does not perform a normal execution, the reports will be incomplete, and some components will appear as missing on the server. Reasons could be:

  • the execution of the agent encountered an error during its execution and could not complete. In this case, an error message is displayed when running rudder agent run. It is very likely a bug in the agent, please report a bug
  • the agent is executed to launch specific bundles (with the -b option)
  • reporting is missing on a Technique, in this case report a bug