Server migration

What files you need

To copy a server on a new location, you need at least to keep the configuration applied by your server.

You need to keep:

  • Rules
  • Directives
  • Groups
  • Techniques

If you keep your actual nodes, you also have to handle with CFEngine keys. New nodes won’t have problems with the new server.

If your new server has a different IP, you will have to change it on your nodes.

You will have to accept nodes

There are multiple ways to migrate your server, here are the best we propose you.

Handle configuration files

Copy /var/rudder/configuration-repository

The simplest way to migrate your server to a new one is to copy /var/rudder/configuration-repository from your former server to the new one. In this folder you will find all your Rules/Groups/Directives/Techniques are stored. By copying that folder you will keep the git tree used by your server and keep your comments.

  • Copy /var/rudder/configuration-repository to your new server
  • In Rudder UI Go to Administration > Policy Server
  • Reload the Technique Library
  • Go to Administration > Archives
  • In Global Archive, "Choose an archive" select Latest git commit
  • Click on Restore everything
  • After deployment, your configuration should be restored

Use Archive feature of Rudder

Alternatively, you can follow the Archive/Import procedures described in Archives

Handle CFEngine keys

Keep your CFEngine keys

Copy /var/rudder/cfengine-community/ppkeys to your new server

Change CFEngine keys

On every node that were using your old rudder server, you will have to erase the server public key (root-MD5=*.pub file)

Run rm /var/rudder/cfengine-community/ppkeys/root-MD5=*.pub

On the next run of rudder-agent, nodes will get the new public key of the server

On your nodes

If your server has changed of IP address you have to modify /var/rudder/cfengine-community/policy_server.dat with the new address

Then you force your nodes to send their inventory while running rudder agent inventory

In your Rudder UI, you should now be able to accept the nodes.

Your configuration is now totally migrated.