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2062 RudderQuestionDiscussion4Clean up "big red button" code ?François ARMANDNicolas CHARLESArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2160 RudderArchitecture (meta)New4html code has to be modified to fit the new way of using liftArthur ANGLADEArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2161 RudderArchitecture (meta)New4"bind" methods need to be replaced by "css selectors" (new lift paradigm)Arthur ANGLADEArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2171 RudderUser story (meta)New5Enable the user to specify an external authentication source for SpringSecurity using a configuration fileMatthieu CERDAArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2180 RudderArchitecture (meta)New4Paradigm shift for the "createCategoryOrGroup" Popup template, and scala, to fit to the new lift one.Arthur ANGLADEArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2181 RudderArchitecture (meta)NewN/AParadigm shift for the "CreateConfigurationRule" Popup template, and scala, to fit to the new lift one.Arthur ANGLADEArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2237 RudderArchitecture (meta)New3Factorize out duplicated code in AsyncDeploymentAgent.scalaFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2278 RudderArchitecture (meta)Qualified4Remove ListTag workaround when JGit version > 1.2François ARMANDFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2279 RudderArchitecture (meta)New4Shoud we use the TreeWalk.release() method after walking the JGit tree ?Nicolas CHARLESArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2286 RudderArchitecture (meta)New4Trace and remove unused files in the Rudder projectsNicolas CHARLESArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2357 RudderArchitecture (meta)Discussion3S.? is *really* slowFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2388 RudderArchitecture (meta)New3Remove use of JavaConversionFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2438 RudderArchitecture (meta)NewN/AWrap all SQL queries with tryoFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2524 RudderArchitecture (meta)New3Remove "delete node" method from node repositoryFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2593 RudderArchitecture (meta)Qualified3Use label declared in Constants.scala for all XML serialized entitiesFrançois ARMANDFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2619 RudderArchitecture (meta)Qualified2Add a style checking tool pour ScalaFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2630 RudderArchitecture (meta)New4Rudder Webapp and Rudder Inventory should be two different applicationFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2688 RudderUser story (meta)NewN/AMake generic event log migrationVincent MEMBRÉArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2694 RudderArchitecture (meta)NewN/ASee how to interact with the component parent in DirectiveEditFormJean VILVERArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2695 RudderArchitecture (meta)NewN/AInjection should not be used in componentsJean VILVERArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2749 RudderArchitecture (meta)NewN/ADirectives' ids should not be in the ActiveTechnique classJean VILVERArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2777 RudderArchitecture (meta)Discussion3Add Box in ReportsRepository method APIsFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2787 RudderArchitecture (meta)New3Use SLICK in place of SpringTemplate / squerylFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2843 RudderBugDiscussion1Rudder can fail to generate promises when Java is lacking memoryNicolas PERRONArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2868 RudderArchitecture (meta)New3Remove "isPolicyServer" from NodeConfiguration objectFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2878 RudderArchitecture (meta)New3Does lazy for injected services matter?François ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2880 RudderArchitecture (meta)New3Change promise generation to have one promise by rule and no more multiplexationFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2883 RudderBugDiscussion3Rudder webapps won't start if no LDAP server is availableJonathan CLARKEArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2901 RudderArchitecture (meta)New3Rename MachineUuid into MachineId to comform to conventionFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2910 RudderArchitecture (meta)New3Use lazy modifier on injected serviceFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2960 RudderArchitecture (meta)Qualified4Rename reportsSchema.sql to a more meaningful nameVincent MEMBRÉVincent MEMBRÉArchitecture - Refactoring2.6.18
3057 RudderArchitecture (meta)QualifiedN/ARefactor create/clone popup (copy/paste code)François ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
3136 RudderArchitecture (meta)New5Make sure all the recursive calls are tail-recursive and considered as this by the compilerNicolas CHARLESArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
3258 RudderArchitecture (meta)New4Create a Scala style checkerVincent MEMBRÉVincent MEMBRÉArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
3351 RudderArchitecture (meta)New5The advertised format of serialisation of entities for the eventlog does not match the actual formatNicolas CHARLESArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
3352 RudderArchitecture (meta)New3The definition of the current version of XML format is duplicatedNicolas CHARLESArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
3386 RudderArchitecture (meta)NewN/AIt would be much more conveninent to have ActiveTechnique within the Directive objectNicolas CHARLESArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
3557 RudderArchitecture (meta)Qualified3Refactoring in WorkflowsFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
3903 RudderArchitecture (meta)New4Remove pending/accepted/removed inventories branch,manage node status in node branch.François ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
3972 RudderBugNew1Scala XML library accepts invalid XML charactersVincent MEMBRÉFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - Refactoring2.6.18
4934 RudderImplementation (development)New4Clean-up rudder server root detection / save codeFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - Refactoring2.12.0~alpha1
5311 RudderArchitecture (meta)Qualified1Move code related to promise generation from cf-clerck to RudderFrançois ARMANDFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - Refactoring2.12.0~alpha1
5362 RudderArchitecture (meta)In progress (development)N/AClean up all sources to use a double-space indentation conventionJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEArchitecture - Refactoring2.12.0~alpha1
5364 RudderImplementation (development)Architecture (meta) #5362Pending technical reviewN/AClean up tools source to use a double-space indentation convention - implementationJonathan CLARKEMatthieu CERDAArchitecture - Refactoring2.12.0~alpha1
5357 RudderImplementation (development)Pending release3Normalize our SQL definition fileFrançois ARMANDNicolas CHARLESArchitecture - Refactoring2.12.0~alpha1
754 RudderUser story (meta)New3Make demo data more realisticJonathan CLARKEDocumentationIdeas (not version specific)
2809 RudderUser story (meta)New4Missing developers in parent-pom/pom.xml dev sectionFrançois ARMANDFabrice FLORE-THÉBAULTDocumentationIdeas (not version specific)
3218 RudderUser story (meta)DiscussionN/ABlank techniqueJean RemondDocumentation
3584 RudderBugNew1The commits of Rudder in the git repository '/var/rudder/configuration-repository/ ' seems to prevent users different from root to commitNicolas PERRONDocumentation2.6.18
3959 RudderBugNew2Add a valid Technique example in documentationEd DANIELDocumentation2.6.18
4169 RudderBugNew2Documentation is not clear on how to install rudder server rootNicolas CHARLESDocumentation2.6.18
4252 RudderQuestionDiscussion4XML Schema or DTD for metadata.xml validation Christophe NowickiFrançois ARMANDDocumentationIdeas (not version specific)
4365 RudderBugQualified3The relay server docs don't mention what do on nodesJonathan CLARKEDocumentation2.10.6
4420 RudderUser story (meta)Discussion2NCF documentationDennis CabooterJonathan CLARKEDocumentationIdeas (not version specific)
4730 RudderUser story (meta)Qualified2Update point Technique creation (10.6) in docsWilliam OttDocumentation2.6.18
3859 RudderUser story (meta)Pending merge3Document the way to use HTTP/S inside Rudder on versions 2.4 to 2.7Matthieu CERDAMatthieu CERDADocumentation2.6.18
4037 RudderImplementation (development)User story (meta) #3859Pending technical review3 Document the way to use HTTP/S inside Rudder on versions 2.4 to 2.7 (documentation)Matthieu CERDAJonathan CLARKEDocumentation2.6.18
5295 RudderImplementation (development)User story (meta) #5178Pending functional reviewN/AAdd documentation to install Rudder in distributed modeNicolas PERRONJonathan CLARKEDocumentation2.11.3
1411 RudderUser story (meta)New2When a node changes hostname we should regenerate the server's promisesJonathan CLARKEInventory (webapp, Fusion)Ideas (not version specific)
1721 RudderBugDiscussion2Inventories passed to the endpoint get lost if jetty is restarted before the inventory was completely handledJonathan CLARKEInventory (webapp, Fusion)Ideas (not version specific)
2274 RudderBugQualified4rudder-inventory-endpoint can't run without rudder-server-root packageNicolas PERRONInventory (webapp, Fusion)Ideas (not version specific)
2502 RudderUser story (meta)User story (meta) #2479NewN/ADisplay new inventories within RudderVincent MEMBRÉVincent MEMBRÉInventory (webapp, Fusion)Ideas (not version specific)
2956 RudderUser story (meta)NewN/AContibute to Fusion Inventory's user moduleVincent MEMBRÉVincent MEMBRÉInventory (webapp, Fusion)Ideas (not version specific)
3167 RudderUser story (meta)Qualified4Invalid inventory (rejected by ldap-inventory endpoint) should go to a "faulty-inventory" directoryFrançois ARMANDInventory (webapp, Fusion)Ideas (not version specific)
3670 RudderUser story (meta)Qualified3Support IPv6 address in inventory François ARMANDInventory (webapp, Fusion)Ideas (not version specific)
3892 RudderBugNew3Machine in deleted branch does not correclty move back to accepted for new nodesFrançois ARMANDFrançois ARMANDInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.6.18
4197 RudderBugQualifiedN/AFusionInventory: Doesn't display (most) disk sizesOlivier MaurasVincent MEMBRÉInventory (webapp, Fusion)
4243 RudderBugNew2Corrupt inventories on Centos 5Dennis CabooterInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.10.6
4395 RudderQuestionDiscussionN/AHow difficult would be to implement support for system manufacturer/model?Alex TkachenkoNicolas CHARLESInventory (webapp, Fusion)
4417 RudderUser story (meta)New3Allow node search on IP rangeFrançois ARMANDInventory (webapp, Fusion)Ideas (not version specific)
4418 RudderBugNew3Regex field in node search is too smallFrançois ARMANDInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.6.18
4490 RudderBugQualifiedN/ANon-unique UUID mess up collected inventoryAlex TkachenkoInventory (webapp, Fusion)
4670 RudderQuestionNewN/ACould inventory be augmented by the user?d id iInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.11.3
5232 RudderBugNewN/AOn Rudder 2.11, the inventory generated by FusionInventory contains a date format which is not handled in tag "DATELASTLOGGEDUSER"Nicolas PERRONInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.11.3
5275 RudderBugNew1When we manage a Windwos 2012 server, the displayed OS name is UnknownWindowsVersionNicolas CHARLESInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.10.6
5445 RudderBugBug #5275Pending technical review1The Windows 2012 version is not recognized by the inventory enpointNicolas CHARLESFrançois ARMANDInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.10.6
2479 RudderUser story (meta)NewN/AFusionInventory integration to RudderVincent MEMBRÉVincent MEMBRÉInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.12.0~alpha1
5191 RudderBugPending release3Inventories generated on Windows are not accepted by the endpointNicolas CHARLESNicolas CHARLESInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.10.6
5236 RudderImplementation (development)User story (meta) #3112Pending release2Add a bulk load for NodeInventory informationFrançois ARMANDNicolas CHARLESInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.12.0~alpha1
3048 RudderUser story (meta)New3Send non compliant report log and opslog to local syslogVincent MEMBRÉLoggingIdeas (not version specific)
4407 RudderBugNewN/AStrange warning about TRACKINGKEYDennis CabooterNicolas CHARLESLogging2.6.18
4549 RudderBugNewN/AMismatch of group permission between log files and logrotate configurationNicolas CHARLESLogging2.11.3
5190 RudderBugDiscussionN/ARudder crons should be piped to /dev/nullDennis CabooterJonathan CLARKELogging2.10.6
5359 RudderImplementation (development)Pending functional review5Add a logger to trace bootstrap actionFrançois ARMANDJonathan CLARKELogging2.12.0~alpha1
3659 RudderUser story (meta)New2It would be great to archive reports on another database (or even another server)Nicolas CHARLESPerformance and scalabilityIdeas (not version specific)
4519 RudderUser story (meta)Qualified2Make static JS/CSS resources load fasterFrançois ARMANDVincent MEMBRÉPerformance and scalability2.12.0~alpha1
4558 RudderBugNew2Display of change request page is really slowNicolas CHARLESVincent MEMBRÉPerformance and scalability2.10.6
5041 RudderUser story (meta)New3Rudder should not commit binary files from shared-folder into its own gitMatthieu CERDAPerformance and scalability2.12.0~alpha1
5358 RudderBugDiscussion1Bootstrap migration for CFEngine variable names with "." tooks foreverFrançois ARMANDJonathan CLARKEPerformance and scalability2.10.6
5373 RudderBugNewN/AThis is very slow to access a change request by URL like all the change request where loadedNicolas PERRONVincent MEMBRÉPerformance and scalability2.11.3
956 TechniquesUser story (meta)New5How to create a new SSH key if we activate SSHv1 protocol in SSH PTMatthieu CERDAPolicy TemplatesIdeas (not version specific)
1131 TechniquesUser story (meta)New5It's necessary to allow administrator to configure which release to use with APTMatthieu CERDAPolicy TemplatesIdeas (not version specific)
1133 TechniquesUser story (meta)New5La PT d'installation de packages APT devrait permettre de choisir la distribution pour chaque paquetMatthieu CERDAPolicy TemplatesIdeas (not version specific)
1211 TechniquesUser story (meta)NewN/ANagios Management with PTJonathan CLARKEPolicy TemplatesIdeas (not version specific)
1223 TechniquesUser story (meta)New4RoutingManagement PT is not IPv6 compliant yetMatthieu CERDAPolicy TemplatesIdeas (not version specific)
1225 TechniquesUser story (meta)New5routingManagement PT can not delete routes defined outside of RudderMatthieu CERDAPolicy TemplatesIdeas (not version specific)
1243 TechniquesUser story (meta)New5OpenVPN Client PT: Support certificates based authenticationJonathan CLARKEPolicy TemplatesIdeas (not version specific)
1245 TechniquesUser story (meta)New5PT hosts: Each IP address can have several associated hostnamesJonathan CLARKEPolicy TemplatesIdeas (not version specific)
1248 TechniquesUser story (meta)New5PT sudoers: allow definition of command aliasesJonathan CLARKEPolicy TemplatesIdeas (not version specific)
1263 TechniquesUser story (meta)NewN/APT pour des trucs Ruby/RailsJonathan CLARKEPolicy TemplatesIdeas (not version specific)

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