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4713 packagesBugBug #4695Pending release1check-rudder-agent script is no longer sh/dash compatible due to function definitionJonathan CLARKEMatthieu CERDA2.10.1
4712 TechniquesBugBug #4702Pending release1We need to remove the old syslog.conf line that #4702 changedJonathan CLARKEMatthieu CERDA2.10.1
4711 RudderBugDiscussion1Replace cron line with scriptDennis CabooterJonathan CLARKESystem integration
4710 RudderUser story (meta)New2Be able to have a Group or Rule on several CategoriesNicolas PERRONWebapp - Display, home page
4709 RudderBugQualified3When a node is deleted, it's generated promises are not removedJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Node management2.6.13
4708 RudderBugDiscussion2Time of reports appears in the web interface in the timezone local to the node instead of the serverJonathan CLARKENicolas CHARLESWebapp - Node management2.6.13
4707 packagesBugBug #4705Pending release2 On AIX, several techniques try to use the group "root" - fix initial promisesJonathan CLARKEMatthieu CERDA2.10.1
4706 RudderBugDiscussion2Reloading Technique library doesn't apply changes to generated promisesJonathan CLARKEFrançois ARMANDWebapp - Administration2.10.1
4705 packagesBugPending release2On AIX, several techniques try to use the group "root"Jonathan CLARKEMatthieu CERDA2.10.1
4704 packagesBugPending release2AIX service management for rudder-agent has some bugsJonathan CLARKEMatthieu CERDA2.10.1
4703 TechniquesBugPending release2Reports from AIX nodes don't get parsed due to an erroneous date formatJonathan CLARKEMatthieu CERDA2.10.1
4702 TechniquesBugPending release1syslogd support partially broken: "*" is not always supported for priority, and reload command varies on AIXJonathan CLARKEMatthieu CERDA2.10.1
4701 RudderBugPending release3Bad LDAP sup for Solaris NodesFrançois ARMANDJonathan CLARKEInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.6.13
4700 TechniquesBugPending release2cf-agent fails on systems that don't support "find . -not ..." (AIX, in particular)Jonathan CLARKEMatthieu CERDA2.10.1
4699 RudderBugPending release2Inventories from AIX machines fail with "invalid structural object class chain (aixNode/unixNode)" errorJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.10.1
4698 packagesBugPending release2RPM postinst and check-rudder-agent fail on AIX because our "uuidgen" is not executableJonathan CLARKEMatthieu CERDA2.10.1
4697 packagesBugBug #4695Pending release1check-rudder-agent script can't access some variables due to change in #4695Jonathan CLARKEMatthieu CERDA2.10.1
4696 TechniquesBugPending release2initial promises don't detect basic Rudder inventory requirements (machine ID, CFEngine key, CFEngine user, users...) on non Linux/Windows/Android systemsJonathan CLARKEMatthieu CERDA2.10.1
4695 packagesBugPending release1On AIX, check-rudder-agent script complains uses nonexistant options for ps and echoJonathan CLARKEMatthieu CERDA2.10.1
4689 packagesBugNew4FusionInventory warnings on AIX in LVM moduleJonathan CLARKE2.10.1
4688 RudderBugDiscussion1/opt/rudder/etc/disable-agent ignored by cron jobDennis CabooterJonathan CLARKESystem integration2.6.13
4686 RudderBugPending release1typo in /opt/rudder/bin/check-rudder-agent, making locks not cleaned and cron flooding with mailsDennis CabooterJonathan CLARKESystem integration2.9.5
4683 TechniquesUser story (meta)New2UNIX support - implementation for other TechniquesVincent MEMBRÉTechniques2.10.1
4680 Rudder-DocBugQualified2Update documentation for LDAP authenticationFrançois ARMAND2.10.1
4675 TechniquesBugNew1When installing and updating an identical package with rpmPackageManagement 5.1, we have only one reportingNicolas CHARLESTechniques2.9.5
4674 RudderBugNew1When modifying a directive based on a meta-technique with multivalued section with same component key, the duplicated component keys are removedNicolas CHARLESWebapp - Reporting2.9.5
4673 RudderBugNew5Missing LDAP password type in documentationOlivier MaurasOlivier MaurasDocumentation2.6.13
4670 RudderQuestionNewN/ACould inventory be augmented by the user?d id iInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.11.0~alpha1
4666 packagesImplementation (integration)User story (meta) #4654Pending technical review2Segment the packaging into independent role-based entities (integration)Matthieu CERDAJonathan CLARKE2.11.0~alpha1
4665 packagesBugQualified3Correct the SRPM for RudderFrançois ARMANDJonathan CLARKE
4660 RudderBugPending release4A developpment log line is displayed when saving Directive edit formVincent MEMBRÉFrançois ARMANDLogging2.9.5
4658 RudderUser story (meta)NewN/AOption to disable a nodeDennis Cabooter
4657 RudderBugDiscussionN/A/var/rudder gets too big on nodesDennis CabooterDennis CabooterWebapp - CFEngine integration
4655 RudderUser story (meta)New1Make techniques consistentDennis CabooterJonathan CLARKE
4654 packagesUser story (meta)Pending functional review2Segment the packaging into independent role-based entitiesMatthieu CERDAMatthieu CERDA2.11.0~alpha1
4650 RudderBugQualified1Multiline header is added at each run on managed filesDennis CabooterVincent MEMBRÉTechniques - Others2.9.5
4644 packagesBugNew2Cannot upgrade from 2.9.2 to 2.9.4 due to an error on '/etc/logrotate.d/rudder'Vincent MEMBRÉ2.9.5
4643 RudderBugQualifiedN/ASearch Nodes: Search button grayed-out after searchDennis CabooterFrançois ARMANDWebapp - Node management2.11.0~alpha1
4640 RudderBugPending release2Changing server security settings should trigger a promise generationJonathan CLARKEFrançois ARMANDWebapp - Administration2.9.5
4636 RudderBugBug #4634Pending release2Change output redirection of command in in ordre to be SLES compliantNicolas CHARLESJonathan CLARKE2.6.13
4635 RudderBugPending release1A race condition may occur during rudder-server-root initialisationNicolas CHARLESJonathan CLARKESystem integration2.6.13
4634 RudderBugPending release2 The script should not output CFEngine execution, and keep the output of all commands in the logNicolas CHARLESJonathan CLARKESystem integration2.6.13
4629 TechniquesImplementation (development)User story (meta) #4628Pending technical review1Only check a component status in the distributePolicy when it is present (development)Matthieu CERDAJonathan CLARKETechniques2.11.0~alpha1
4628 TechniquesUser story (meta)Pending merge1Only check a component status in the distributePolicy when it is presentMatthieu CERDAMatthieu CERDATechniques2.11.0~alpha1
4627 packagesImplementation (integration)User story (meta) #4626Discussion1Move LDAP initialization logic to rudder-inventory-ldap (integration)Matthieu CERDAMatthieu CERDA2.11.0~alpha1
4626 packagesUser story (meta)Discussion1Move LDAP initialization logic to rudder-inventory-ldapMatthieu CERDAMatthieu CERDA2.11.0~alpha1
4624 RudderBugNewN/ARudder loading grayish black instead of animatedDennis CabooterNicolas CHARLES2.6.13
4622 RudderImplementation (development)User story (meta) #4621Discussion1Use templates in logrotate files to reduce the amount of them (development)Matthieu CERDAMatthieu CERDA2.11.0~alpha1
4621 RudderUser story (meta)Pending functional review1Use templates in logrotate files to reduce the amount of themMatthieu CERDAMatthieu CERDA2.11.0~alpha1
4620 RudderImplementation (integration)User story (meta) #4621Pending merge1Let rudder-agent handle the logrotate files instead of packagesMatthieu CERDAJonathan CLARKESystem integration2.11.0~alpha1

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