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2775 RudderArchitecture (meta)New1Common promises have redondant classes definition about root server and policy serverNicolas PERRONTechniques - Sys & init promisIdeas (not version specific)
2774 RudderUser story (meta)NewN/AHave the possibility to compose groupsNicolas CHARLESWebapp - Node managementIdeas (not version specific)
2749 RudderArchitecture (meta)NewN/ADirectives' ids should not be in the ActiveTechnique classJean VILVERArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2741 RudderUser story (meta)New5Be able to deactivate a node/group instead of a directive or ruleMatthieu CERDAWebapp - Node managementIdeas (not version specific)
2710 RudderUser story (meta)New5Enable the user to bulk erase/rename/disable some rules or directivesMatthieu CERDAWebapp - Config managementIdeas (not version specific)
2695 RudderArchitecture (meta)NewN/AInjection should not be used in componentsJean VILVERArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2694 RudderArchitecture (meta)NewN/ASee how to interact with the component parent in DirectiveEditFormJean VILVERArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2688 RudderUser story (meta)NewN/AMake generic event log migrationVincent MEMBRÉArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2677 RudderUser story (meta)New4When I enter the "Create a new item" popup to create a group the default field should be NameJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Node managementIdeas (not version specific)
2645 packagesBugNew3Building rudder-agent fails as it cannot find XML::NamespaceSupport perl libraryMichael GliwinskiIdeas (not version specific)
2630 RudderArchitecture (meta)New4Rudder Webapp and Rudder Inventory should be two different applicationFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2601 RudderUser story (meta)NewN/AShow form errors in a appriopriate place in Directive ManagementJean VILVERWebapp - AdministrationIdeas (not version specific)
2596 RudderUser story (meta)New3Remove/update inventory promisesVincent MEMBRÉTechniques - Sys & init promisIdeas (not version specific)
2585 RudderUser story (meta)New3Synchronize the rootServerInitialPromises automatically (or at least the distributePolicy part) with the regular Rudder technique treeMatthieu CERDATechniques - Sys & init promisIdeas (not version specific)
2584 TechniquesBugNew2Technique "User Management": Does not work if group already existFrancois BAYART2.6.18
2575 RudderUser story (meta)New4Detect browser version and warn user if it's too old (unsupported)Jonathan CLARKEWebapp - Display, home pageIdeas (not version specific)
2567 RudderUser story (meta)New5Ssuccess pop-up should say "no modification" when no modification were recordedFrançois ARMANDWebapp - Display, home pageIdeas (not version specific)
2551 TechniquesBugNew1 Technique 'User Management': Reporting is broken if a user is defined to only be checked (for existing or not) with Fullname defined.Nicolas PERRON2.6.18
2546 TechniquesArchitecture (meta)New4 Technique Apache 2 HTTP Server: Variables in code don't have standard or relevant namesNicolas PERRON2.6.18
2524 RudderArchitecture (meta)New3Remove "delete node" method from node repositoryFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2522 Rudder-VagrantUser story (meta)New4rudder-vagrant: Use a standard Ubuntu box instead of the Debian oneJonathan CLARKEVincent MEMBRÉIdeas (not version specific)
2502 RudderUser story (meta)User story (meta) #2479NewN/ADisplay new inventories within RudderVincent MEMBRÉVincent MEMBRÉInventory (webapp, Fusion)Ideas (not version specific)
2491 RudderUser story (meta)New3Add a "stat / info" pageFrançois ARMANDWebapp - Display, home pageIdeas (not version specific)
2480 TechniquesBugNew1(ex PT/ Technique)JobScheduler: I try to execute a script with JobScheduler but it never happensNicolas PERRONPolicy Templates2.6.18
2479 RudderUser story (meta)NewN/AFusionInventory integration to RudderVincent MEMBRÉVincent MEMBRÉInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.12.0~alpha1

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