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2975 RudderUser story (meta)NewN/AAdd an event log for Database event : archive reports, delete reportsVincent MEMBRÉWebapp - AdministrationIdeas (not version specific)
2971 RudderUser story (meta)QualifiedN/AClean reports database v3 : Add a webconfigurable scheduler for automatic report database cleaningFrançois ARMANDWebapp - AdministrationIdeas (not version specific)
2957 RudderUser story (meta)NewN/Aadd the possibility to export techniques in a zipVincent MEMBRÉWebapp - AdministrationIdeas (not version specific)
2953 RudderUser story (meta)QualifiedN/AImprove homepage displayJean VILVERWebapp - Display, home pageIdeas (not version specific)
2952 RudderUser story (meta)NewN/AImprove rudder interfaceJean VILVERWebapp - Display, home pageIdeas (not version specific)
2951 RudderUser story (meta)NewN/AImprove technique management displayJean VILVERWebapp - Display, home pageIdeas (not version specific)
2939 RudderUser story (meta)User story (meta) #2935QualifiedN/AMove the regenerate now button from the headerJean VILVERWebapp - Display, home pageIdeas (not version specific)
2935 RudderUser story (meta)QualifiedN/ASlimdown the headerJean VILVERWebapp - Display, home pageIdeas (not version specific)
2918 RudderUser story (meta)Qualified4Make the Technical logs table from a node view fixed heightMatthieu CERDAWebapp - Node managementIdeas (not version specific)
2911 RudderUser story (meta)NewN/AAllow to use several application contexts for one Rudder instanceVincent MEMBRÉWebapp - Display, home pageIdeas (not version specific)
2910 RudderArchitecture (meta)New3Use lazy modifier on injected serviceFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2908 packagesUser story (meta)NewN/ASet rudder application context when running init scriptVincent MEMBRÉIdeas (not version specific)
2901 RudderArchitecture (meta)New3Rename MachineUuid into MachineId to comform to conventionFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2888 RudderUser story (meta)New5Be able to disable a nodeMatthieu CERDAWebapp - Config managementIdeas (not version specific)
2883 RudderBugDiscussion3Rudder webapps won't start if no LDAP server is availableJonathan CLARKEArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2882 packagesUser story (meta)Qualified3Rudder should be SELinux compliantNicolas PERRONIdeas (not version specific)
2881 RudderUser story (meta)NewN/AAllow user to choose order of Directive application in a RuleFrançois ARMANDWebapp - Config managementIdeas (not version specific)
2880 RudderArchitecture (meta)New3Change promise generation to have one promise by rule and no more multiplexationFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2878 RudderArchitecture (meta)New3Does lazy for injected services matter?François ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2876 RudderUser story (meta)NewN/AWe should be able to force a node to execute cf-agent with the Webapp interfaceNicolas PERRONWebapp - Node managementIdeas (not version specific)
2868 RudderArchitecture (meta)New3Remove "isPolicyServer" from NodeConfiguration objectFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2867 Rudder-DocUser story (meta)New2Document the Change Message in Rudder and how to configure itNicolas CHARLES2.6.18
2843 RudderBugDiscussion1Rudder can fail to generate promises when Java is lacking memoryNicolas PERRONArchitecture - RefactoringIdeas (not version specific)
2840 RudderUser story (meta)New2Add "edit that directive/group link" in rule selection treesFrançois ARMANDWebapp - Config management2.12.0~alpha1
2834 RudderUser story (meta)New4Since Rudder 2.4.0~beta2 the LDAP password used by Rudder is not hashed in slapd.confNicolas PERRONTechniques - Sys & init promisIdeas (not version specific)

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