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4800 RudderBugReleased2Latest API prefix is not correctVincent MEMBRÉFrançois ARMANDAPI2.9.5
4796 RudderBugReleased1Node API version 4 can only get Node detailsNicolas CHARLESFrançois ARMANDAPI2.10.1
4748 RudderBugBug #4742Released1Fix process start date in node APIVincent MEMBRÉFrançois ARMANDAPI2.10.1
4729 RudderBugReleased1Detail level passed as parameter is not used in node api version 4Vincent MEMBRÉFrançois ARMANDAPI2.10.1
4386 RudderBugReleased3List node API : typo on "machyneType" (should be "machineType")Nicolas CHARLESFrançois ARMANDAPI2.10.0~beta1
4134 RudderBugReleased3API for Change Request details returns the wrong action nameVincent MEMBRÉFrançois ARMANDAPI2.8.0
3874 RudderBugReleased1API: Changing pending node status doesn't workOlivier MaurasFrançois ARMANDAPI2.7.1
3817 RudderBugReleased2X-API-Version header does not support "latest" versionJonathan CLARKENicolas CHARLESAPI2.7.1
3790 RudderBugReleased1API Account Token can not be regenerated Vincent MEMBRÉNicolas CHARLESAPI2.7.0
3775 RudderBugReleased1Wrong URL for nodegroup reloading through APIVincent MEMBRÉFrançois ARMANDAPI2.7.0~rc1
3770 RudderBugReleased1API calls using JSON content instead of parameters are ignoredVincent MEMBRÉFrançois ARMANDAPI2.7.0~rc1
3756 RudderBugReleased1Modifying the group of a Rule by API need to use the data "ruleTarget" instead of "targets"Nicolas PERRONFrançois ARMANDAPI2.7.0~beta1
3755 RudderBugUser story (meta) #3000Released1API Account id name should be uniqueFrançois ARMANDFrançois ARMANDAPI2.7.0~beta1
3750 RudderBugReleased1token is used for event log actor in API instead of account NameVincent MEMBRÉVincent MEMBRÉAPI2.7.0~beta1
3748 RudderBugReleased1No error when reason field is mandatory and is missing while using APIVincent MEMBRÉFrançois ARMANDAPI2.7.0~beta1
4911 RudderBugArchitecture (meta) #4854Released1Multiple version of ASM can cause Rudder to not startFrançois ARMANDFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - Dependencies2.11.0~beta1
3637 RudderBugReleased1Rudder is not building with maven2Vincent MEMBRÉFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - Dependencies2.3.13
3598 RudderBugReleased1Not specifying maven default repos lead to inconsistency in downloadFrançois ARMANDNicolas CHARLESArchitecture - Dependencies2.3.13
3594 RudderBugReleased1Some information are no more available in Rudder 2.6 for the pluginsNicolas CHARLESFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - Dependencies2.6.1
3560 RudderBugReleased2Scala-ldap version is not up to dateVincent MEMBRÉJonathan CLARKEArchitecture - Dependencies2.4.7
3400 RudderBugReleased2Missing source jar artifactFrançois ARMANDNicolas CHARLESArchitecture - Dependencies2.3.12
3399 RudderBugReleased1The pom.xml of repository scala-ldap should not contains a version specify to itself but should only depends from parent-promNicolas PERRONFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - Dependencies2.5.1
3354 RudderBugReleased2Update to Scala 2.10.1François ARMANDNicolas CHARLESArchitecture - Dependencies2.6.0~beta1
3255 RudderBugReleased2error with migration test, not launched by default and should be sequentialVincent MEMBRÉFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - Dependencies2.6.0~beta1
3166 RudderBugReleased1The version of the maven artefact on the master branch should be 2.6.0-SNAPSHOTNicolas CHARLESNicolas CHARLESArchitecture - Dependencies2.6.0~beta1

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