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4518 RudderBugReleased2Inventory with empty CFEngine agent public key cannot be processed by Rudder raising exceptionsFrançois ARMANDNicolas CHARLESInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.6.11
4500 RudderBugReleased3Bios version from inventory is not correctly displayed into the web interfaceNicolas CHARLESFrançois ARMANDInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.6.11
4493 RudderBugReleased3Variables from /etc/profile and /etc/profile.d files are not passed to the inventory environmentMatthieu CERDAJonathan CLARKEInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.6.11
4491 RudderBugReleased1Rudder considers an inventory as "failed" if the endpoint is unavailableJonathan CLARKENicolas CHARLESInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.8.3
4440 RudderBugReleased1When new inventory is processed, hardware Node information may not be updatedDennis CabooterNicolas CHARLESInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.6.11
4402 RudderBugBug #4400Released3Process start date are not parsed correctly when parsing inventory fileFrançois ARMANDNicolas CHARLESInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.6.11
4400 RudderBugReleased3Process start date are displayed as "bad format" in Rudder web interfaceFrançois ARMANDFrançois ARMANDInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.6.11
4360 RudderBugReleased1Without lsb_release installed, RedHat is detected as Scientific LinuxFrançois ARMANDJonathan CLARKEInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.6.10
4314 RudderBugReleased1Inventories containing very long (> 4096) process name cannot be send to rudder server via CFEngineAlex TkachenkoJonathan CLARKEInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.6.10
3887 RudderBugReleased3Error when adding and deleting a node several timesFrançois ARMANDNicolas CHARLESInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.6.4
3840 RudderBugReleased1On unknown Linux, Rudder say Can't merge inventory report in LDAP directory, abortingFrançois ARMANDVincent MEMBRÉInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.6.4
3837 RudderBugReleased1Rudder doesn't support Oracle Linux - Can't merge inventory in LDAPOlivier MaurasNicolas PERRONInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.4.8
3836 RudderBugReleased1Missing support for OS "Scientific linux" and "Unbreakable Linux"François ARMANDVincent MEMBRÉInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.4.8
3835 RudderBugReleased1OS Full name should be queriableFrançois ARMANDVincent MEMBRÉInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.4.8
3834 RudderBugReleased2Inventory doesn't support Scientific Linux - Os Name = Red HatOlivier MaurasNicolas PERRONInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.4.8
3669 RudderBugReleased3Rudder ignores IP aliases on network interfacesMatthieu CERDANicolas CHARLESInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.4.7
3626 RudderBugReleased3When a node has two intefaces with the same IP, it does not appear as pending node in Rudder WebUI and can't be acceptedFrançois ARMANDFrançois ARMANDInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.3.13
3203 RudderBugReleased3Inventory where memory slot numbers are missing / duplicated should be reported with negative valueFrançois ARMANDNicolas CHARLESInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.5.0~rc1
3202 RudderBugReleased2When processing an inventory, if no machine-id are found, then "dummy-machine-id" is used in place of generating a new one. François ARMANDNicolas CHARLESInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.3.10
3200 RudderBugReleased1Android inventories miss network, filesystem, memroy and video informationFrançois ARMANDNicolas CHARLESInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.5.0~rc1
3138 RudderBugReleased2inventory from Centos 5.7 node on Xen domu missing UUIDFabrice FLORE-THÉBAULTJonathan CLARKEInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.4.3
3127 RudderBugReleased1Rudder chokes on inventories containing duplicated softwares with identical versionsMatthieu CERDANicolas CHARLESInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.3.10
2899 RudderBugReleased1Handle empty MACHINEID tag in Fusion ReportFrançois ARMANDFrançois ARMANDInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.4.0~beta5
2898 RudderBugReleased2Missing <MACHINEID> tag in Fusion Inventory reports in Ubuntu LTS 12.04 32-bitColin WebberVincent MEMBRÉInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.4.0~beta5
2811 RudderBugReleased2IP adresses were not updated from inventoriesVincent MEMBRÉVincent MEMBRÉInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.4.0~beta4

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