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2481 RudderBugReleased1PT/technique "fileManagement" doesn't report about it's post-hook command properlyJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKETechniques - Others2.3.7
2476 Rudder-DocBugReleased1Using an echo with single quotes to add Rudder sources will failMatthieu CERDAMatthieu CERDA2.3.7
2475 packagesArchitecture (meta)Released3In order to not depend from we have to use our mirror for all dowloaded resources for rudder-agent packagesNicolas PERRONNicolas PERRON2.3.7
2473 RudderBugReleased1PT Hosts management seems to be deleting entries even when not asked toNicolas CHARLESJonathan CLARKETechniques - Others2.3.7
2470 TechniquesBugBug #2415Released1PT copyGitFile: make copy method configurable (md5, mtime, ctime, etc)Nicolas PERRONNicolas PERRON2.3.7
2468 RudderBugReleased2Text for PI desactivation with dependant CR is not correctFrançois ARMANDFrançois ARMANDWebapp - Config management2.3.7
2467 RudderBugReleased1Technique Group Management fails to report properlyNicolas CHARLESNicolas CHARLESTechniques - Others2.3.7
2465 RudderBugReleased2PT/technique "checkGenericFileContent" has a mandatory field to enforce file contentJonathan CLARKEMatthieu CERDATechniques - Others2.3.7
2464 RudderBugReleased2"CR to be applied" for a pending node do not include CR based on a dynamic group based on network interfaces > IP addressJonathan CLARKEFrançois ARMANDWebapp - Node management2.3.7
2463 RudderBugReleased1Node name in popup for applicable policies (new node) says "No server found" (2.3 branch)Jonathan CLARKEFrançois ARMANDWebapp - Node management2.3.7
2461 RudderBugReleased1Oups Accès refusé ...Francois BAYARTNicolas PERRONWebsite, bugtracker, etc2.3.7
2459 packagesUser story (meta)Released2rudder-techniques needs a script which validate that the repository is cleanNicolas PERRONNicolas PERRON2.3.7
2458 RudderBugReleased2When a CR with several PI has one PI disabled, its deployment status is "Not applied", which is misleadingNicolas CHARLESNicolas CHARLESWebapp - Reporting2.3.7
2456 RudderBugReleased1A disabled Policy Instance is still applied in the generated configurationJonathan CLARKENicolas CHARLESWebapp - Config management2.3.7
2455 packagesBugReleased1rudder-agent package depends from a wrong package on SLES: dmidecodeNicolas PERRONNicolas PERRON2.3.7
2454 RudderBugReleased2(ex PT/ Technique)JobScheduler with several Jobs returns Success but doesn't execute any other job that the first one defined.Nicolas PERRONMatthieu CERDATechniques - Others2.3.7
2447 packagesBugReleased1Apache config file installed by rudder is badly named and not considered a config fileJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKE2.3.7
2444 RudderBugReleased2Backport #1988: When the postgresql database is restarted, the application is not usable anymoreFrançois ARMANDArchitecture - Refactoring2.3.7
2440 packagesBugReleasedN/Arudder-server-root init script doesn't have right permissions on SLES or RHELNicolas PERRONNicolas PERRON2.3.7
2435 RudderBugReleased1problem with aptPackageManagerSettingsFrancois BAYARTMatthieu CERDATechniques - Others2.3.7
2433 RudderBugReleased5There is a typo in the "All require DIT entries present in the LDAP directory" INFO statementMatthieu CERDAMatthieu CERDAWebapp - Display, home page2.3.7
2430 RudderUser story (meta)ReleasedN/AIcebreaker logoArthur ANGLADEArthur ANGLADEWebapp - Display, home page2.3.7
2425 RudderUser story (meta)Bug #2424Released2Silently drop duplicated identical sections when saving a PIJonathan CLARKEFrançois ARMANDWebapp - Config management2.3.7
2419 RudderBugReleased1The reporting can't handle component key value with CFEngine variables withinNicolas CHARLESNicolas CHARLESWebapp - Reporting2.3.7
2417 RudderBugReleased1checkGenericFileContent 2.1 is highly dubiousNicolas CHARLESNicolas CHARLESTechniques - Others2.3.7

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