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3710 RudderImplementation (integration)User story (meta) #3349Released1Create a migration script to change the serialization format from 3 to 4Nicolas CHARLESJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Config management2.7.0~beta1
3704 RudderImplementation (integration)User story (meta) #3349Released1Create a migration script for the LDAP schema and DIT for Global ParametersNicolas CHARLESJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Config management2.7.0~beta1
3699 RudderUser story (meta)Released3Make community and support links on the home page more visibleJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Display, home page2.7.0~beta1
3698 RudderImplementation (development)User story (meta) #3697Released1Click on node management should guide you to list nodes pageVincent MEMBRÉJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Node management2.7.0~beta1
3694 RudderImplementation (integration)User story (meta) #3692Released1Add link to rudder documentation in apache configuration of RudderNicolas PERRONJonathan CLARKE2.7.0~beta1
3631 RudderImplementation (development)Architecture (meta) #3627Released1Add in the list of inputs in order to be able to use its bodies, and add in the initial promisesNicolas PERRONJonathan CLARKETechniques - Sys & init promis2.3.13
3628 RudderImplementation (development)Architecture (meta) #3627Released1Add on the branches 2.3 and 2.4Nicolas PERRONJonathan CLARKETechniques - Sys & init promis2.3.13
3560 RudderBugReleased2Scala-ldap version is not up to dateVincent MEMBRÉJonathan CLARKEArchitecture - Dependencies2.4.7
3555 RudderBugReleased1Class name collision 'cant_send_inventory' between inventory and distributePolicy TechniquesJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKETechniques - Sys & init promis2.4.5
3502 RudderImplementation (integration)User story (meta) #3500Released1Add migration script for properties to handle self Validation/DeploymentVincent MEMBRÉJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Administration2.6.0~rc1
3476 RudderImplementation (integration)User story (meta) #3474Released2Add modificationId column to change reques tableVincent MEMBRÉJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Administration2.6.0~rc1
3449 RudderImplementation (development)User story (meta) #3448Rejected1Put data in an external file for manageFileAndFolderNicolas CHARLESJonathan CLARKETechniques - Others2.4.9
3427 RudderImplementation (development)User story (meta) #3426Released1Add a variable that contains the promises generation timestampNicolas CHARLESJonathan CLARKEWebapp - CFEngine integration2.5.1
3409 RudderImplementation (development)User story (meta) #3408ReleasedN/ARudder 2.6 logo designArthur ANGLADEJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Display, home page2.6.0~beta1
3408 RudderUser story (meta)ReleasedN/A Rudder 2.6 logoArthur ANGLADEJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Display, home page2.6.0~beta1
3403 RudderImplementation (integration)User story (meta) #3231Released1Create a migration script to allow the usage of workflow in RudderVincent MEMBRÉJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Config management2.6.0~beta1
3383 RudderBugReleased1Rudder status check fails if a proxy is defined in the environmentDennis CabooterJonathan CLARKETechniques - Sys & init promis2.3.12
3378 RudderUser story (meta)ReleasedN/ATechnique "Group management": make group creation optionalMichael GliwinskiJonathan CLARKETechniques - Others2.4.8
3374 RudderImplementation (integration)User story (meta) #3273Released2Change system groups name/description in the LDAPVincent MEMBRÉJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Node management2.6.0~beta1
3363 RudderBugRejected1When we restart Jetty, the webapp logs are overflowed with non compliance reportsNicolas CHARLESJonathan CLARKELogging2.5.6
3338 RudderBugReleased1checkGenericFileContent 2.1 and 3.0 have desynchronized code between metadata and promises, leading to inconsistencies or uncorrected bugsNicolas CHARLESJonathan CLARKETechniques - Others2.4.4
3321 RudderImplementation (integration)Implementation (integration) #3292Released1Add a warning in the Rudder documentation to tell that values inserted in directive should be manually escapedNicolas CHARLESJonathan CLARKEDocumentation2.3.11
3314 RudderBugReleased3Rudder cannot load several plugins at the same timeNicolas CHARLESJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Administration2.4.12
3292 RudderImplementation (integration)User story (meta) #2947Rejected1Document the new behaviour of directive fieldNicolas CHARLESJonathan CLARKEDocumentation2.6.11
3257 RudderBugReleased1The filePermissions Technique can not load large permlistsMatthieu CERDAJonathan CLARKETechniques - Others2.3.11
3221 RudderBugReleased1The Rudder cron.d entry is brokenMatthieu CERDAJonathan CLARKETechniques - Sys & init promis2.5.0
3213 RudderBugReleased1Rudder doc 2.5 is missingNicolas PERRONJonathan CLARKEDocumentation2.5.0
3186 RudderBugRejectedN/AWhen we click on "update" and nothing changed, no event is generatedNicolas CHARLESJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Administration2.5.0~rc1
3158 RudderBugReleased1The reporting keys in Rudder are artificially limited to 64 charactersNicolas CHARLESJonathan CLARKETechniques - Sys & init promis2.3.10
3138 RudderBugReleased2inventory from Centos 5.7 node on Xen domu missing UUIDFabrice FLORE-THÉBAULTJonathan CLARKEInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.4.3
3106 RudderBugReleased2On Rudder 2.4.1~rc1, the reports from the server are in "No Answer" about distributePolicyNicolas PERRONJonathan CLARKETechniques - Sys & init promis2.4.2
3105 RudderUser story (meta)Released2Document best practices for Techniques development on Rudder Project wikiNicolas PERRONJonathan CLARKEDocumentation2.5.1
3102 RudderUser story (meta)Released2Importing archives does not generate a commit in configuration repository.Vincent MEMBRÉJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Administration2.5.0~beta1
3089 RudderImplementation (development)Architecture (meta) #3087Released1Implement bundles for generating reports and body for defining classesNicolas CHARLESJonathan CLARKETechniques - Sys & init promis2.5.0~beta1
3005 RudderBugRejected1(ex PT/ Technique)ManageFileAndFolder: Trying to set permissions to a file or a folder without owner AND group lead to a reporting errorNicolas PERRONJonathan CLARKETechniques - Others2.4.0~rc2
2997 RudderUser story (meta)ReleasedN/AClean report database v2 : Add an automatic reporting configured by properties Vincent MEMBRÉJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Administration2.5.0~beta1
2996 RudderUser story (meta)Released1Clean report database v1 : Add a manual report deleting Vincent MEMBRÉJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Reporting2.5.0~beta1
2909 RudderBugReleasedN/AMissing "silent" option to curl in distributePolicy system TechniqueJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKETechniques - Sys & init promis2.4.0~beta5
2906 RudderUser story (meta)ReleasedN/AImprove use of the English language in the web UIJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Display, home page2.4.0~beta5
2877 RudderBugReleased3When a deployment is disallowed because of CFEngine check, no message is given about what is wrongFrançois ARMANDJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Config management2.4.0~beta5
2829 RudderBugReleased4On Rudder 2.4.0~beta3, in distributePolicy/1.0/ the init script for rudder-agent consider that CFEngine process are always runningNicolas PERRONJonathan CLARKETechniques - Sys & init promis2.4.0~beta5
2793 RudderBugRejected3accepted nodes can't access their promises even if they are generatedVincent MEMBRÉJonathan CLARKETechniques - Sys & init promis2.4.0~rc1
2751 RudderBugReleased4Some ldap are not indexedNicolas CHARLESJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Administration2.4.0~beta5
2737 RudderBugRejected1There is a body name collision on local_dcpMatthieu CERDAJonathan CLARKETechniques - Others2.4.0~beta3
2682 RudderBugReleased2passwordCheck promises in system Technique is a bit laxist about restarting servicesJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKETechniques - Sys & init promis2.4.0~beta3
2659 RudderQuestionReleasedN/Adownload url with the mandatory slashFrancois BAYARTJonathan CLARKEWebsite, bugtracker, etc2.4.0~beta3
2653 RudderBugReleasedN/ASome English expressions need clarifyingJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Display, home page2.4.0~beta2
2648 RudderBugReleased1Networks allowed to communicate with the endpoint are not correctly setNicolas CHARLESJonathan CLARKETechniques - Sys & init promis2.4.0~beta3
2614 RudderBugReleasedN/Aoverwriting VS overwrittingFrancois BAYARTJonathan CLARKETechniques - Others2.3.8
2607 RudderBugReleased1Launching Cfengine Community cf-serverd... make an errorFrancois BAYARTJonathan CLARKETechniques - Sys & init promis2.4.0~beta5
2590 RudderUser story (meta)Released3Clarify event names in the event logJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Administration2.4.0~beta1
2579 RudderBugReleased1On a node, if the common promise changes cfserved IP, a new line will be added to syslog-ng configurationNicolas PERRONJonathan CLARKETechniques - Sys & init promis2.3.8
2571 RudderArchitecture (meta)User story (meta) #2540Released2Design multiple templates for all event types in events logJean VILVERJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Administration2.4.0~beta3
2560 RudderBugReleased3Cpu speed search is not workingVincent MEMBRÉJonathan CLARKEInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.3.9
2531 RudderBugReleased2Event log column "Cause" should be named "Reason"Jonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Administration2.4.0~alpha7
2528 RudderBugReleased1Providing a reason for a change should not be mandatory by defaultJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Administration2.4.0~alpha7
2526 RudderArchitecture (meta)ReleasedN/AFusioninventory-agent optionsVincent MEMBRÉJonathan CLARKEInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.4.0~beta3
2485 RudderBugReleased1(ex PT/ Technique)JobScheduler: When several jobs are defined, even if "success" is reported by the node, Rudder consider it as "Error"Nicolas PERRONJonathan CLARKETechniques - Others2.3.8
2481 RudderBugReleased1PT/technique "fileManagement" doesn't report about it's post-hook command properlyJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKETechniques - Others2.3.7
2478 RudderBugReleasedN/Aaptitude seems to ask questions when run via cf-agent, even with settings for "noninteractive" executionJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKETechniques - Sys & init promis2.3.8
2473 RudderBugReleased1PT Hosts management seems to be deleting entries even when not asked toNicolas CHARLESJonathan CLARKETechniques - Others2.3.7
2446 RudderBugRejected2We have a server which stuck with cf-agent for 4 daysNicolas PERRONJonathan CLARKEWebapp - CFEngine integration2.4.7
2445 RudderArchitecture (meta)Released2Upgrade OpenLDAP that we package to 2.4.30Jonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEArchitecture - Dependencies2.4.0~alpha7
2416 RudderBugReleased1PT genericVariableDefinition has broken reporting!Jonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKETechniques - Others2.3.7
2408 RudderBugReleasedN/Apassword generation in history ...Francois BAYARTJonathan CLARKEDocumentation2.3.7
2349 RudderArchitecture (meta)Released4Remove references to unused system variable SERVINGIPJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEArchitecture - Refactoring2.4.0~alpha6
2347 RudderUser story (meta)Released1System (internal) Techniques should be automatically upgraded when Rudder is upgradedJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKETechniques - Sys & init promis2.4.0~alpha6
2319 RudderUser story (meta)ReleasedN/Aadd generic names for repositoriesFabrice FLORE-THÉBAULTJonathan CLARKEWebsite, bugtracker, etc2.4.0~alpha6
2312 RudderArchitecture (meta)Released1Rename PT/PI/CR in packagingJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEArchitecture - Refactoring2.4.0~alpha6
2311 RudderArchitecture (meta)Released4Remove unused dependency on quilt in debian packagesJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEArchitecture - Refactoring2.4.0~alpha6
2290 RudderArchitecture (meta)Released5Remove deprecated scriptsJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEArchitecture - Refactoring2.4.0~alpha5
2280 RudderBugRejected1Error displaying node details: Server cannot be contacted at this timeJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Node management2.3.7
2260 RudderBugRejected1While trying to delete a PI, you get a frightening error message and a deleted but uncommited XML file in the GIT repositoryMatthieu CERDAJonathan CLARKETechniques - Others2.4.0~alpha5
2257 RudderBugRejected2Successful Deployment event log is displayed as "Unknow event type"Jonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Administration2.4.0~alpha5
2217 RudderBugReleased2Git commit message for group export wrongly says "User Policy Library"Jonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Administration2.4.0~alpha4
2194 RudderBugReleased3File name is always 'file' in inventory log messagesJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.3.6
2185 RudderBugReleased2Job Scheduler PT: for jobs that take less than 5 minutes, there can be a gap in the reportingJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKETechniques - Others2.3.6
2129 RudderBugReleased2PT fstabConfiguration: deleting a mount point only works with origin, not destinationJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKETechniques - Others2.3.5
2128 RudderBugReleased1PT fileAlterationMonitoring always returns error when monitoring a fileJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKETechniques - Others2.3.5
2124 RudderBugReleased3PT fstabConfiguration: mount points are modified even if they are commentedNicolas PERRONJonathan CLARKETechniques - Others2.3.5
2089 RudderBugReleased2File Management PT reports an error when it succeeds when trying to create a directory that already existsJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKETechniques - Others2.3.4
2088 RudderBugReleased1Common PT spends it's time changing permissions back and forthJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKETechniques - Sys & init promis2.3.4
2087 RudderBugReleased1Common PT sometimes sends a success and a repaired when updating config filesJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKETechniques - Sys & init promis2.3.4
2070 RudderBugRejected1PT fstabConfiguration: mount point not added if origin isn't setNicolas PERRONJonathan CLARKETechniques - Others2.3.4
2069 RudderBugReleased1fstab PT messes up the file if field separator is several spacesJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKETechniques - Others2.3.4
1998 RudderBugReleased1CFEngine community segfaults when editing a file with sections and field editingJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEWebapp - CFEngine integration2.3.2
1983 RudderBugRejectedN/APackage management for Debian, add another = add multiple otherJean RemondJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Config management
1973 RudderUser story (meta)Released3The popup "View policies" in the Accept new server page could be renamedNicolas CHARLESJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Node management2.3.5
1968 RudderUser story (meta)Released2Extend fileManagement PT to execute a post-modification hookJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKETechniques - Others2.3.2
1961 RudderBugReleased3All invocations of curl in batch mode should use -fJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEWebapp - CFEngine integration2.3.2
1959 RudderBugReleased2Inventories moved to "received" even if the inventory-endpoint cannot contact it's LDAP serverJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.3.2
1930 RudderBugReleased4Dead linksArthur ANGLADEJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Display, home page2.3.2
1919 RudderBugRejected1The compliance is based on the last 10 minutes rather than 15 as written in the web interfaceNicolas CHARLESJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Reporting2.3.0 (final)
1912 RudderBugReleased3Welcome page has an outdated portlet about Technical DashboardJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Display, home page2.3.0 (final)
1738 RudderUser story (meta)ReleasedN/ARudder should take into account environment variables: display them in the inventory and search for themJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEInventory (webapp, Fusion)2.4.0~beta3
1214 RudderUser story (meta)RejectedN/ACreate global variables that can be used in PI configurationJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEIdeas (not version specific)
509 RudderBugRejected5Cannot move portlets in "Server search" screenJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEWebapp - Node managementIdeas (not version specific)

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