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Revision 478098d5


Added by Nicolas PERRON almost 3 years ago

Merge branch 'branches/rudder/2.3' into branches/rudder/2.4

  • branches/rudder/2.3:
    Fixes #2475 Add normation mirror for downloading CPAN resources
    Refs #2345 Typo on /var/rudder/cfengine-community path (cherry picked from commit 6c3710310f093b7c1284b5d0ef8a0d4e27ae0475)
    Fixes #2345 rudder-init.sh doesn't ask for resetting initial promises at the first install anymore (cherry picked from commit 2741a5f521d2a4d52749b177c4113e6662aef421)
    Fixes #2291: The packaging of rudder-inventory-endpoint has been fixed (inventory-web.properties path has been hardcoded) (cherry picked from commit cdd0838b1a5465e0d903a7d87d9cddf24df71ad7)
    Fixes #2269 inventory-web.properties is now considered as a config file (cherry picked from commit d55b3b0ca1222a1911cf1a50f849fd9764265809)
    Fixes #2455 change dmidecode dependencies for pmtools for SLES on rudder-agent package



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