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# Project Tracker Parent task Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Category Target version
10014Rudder toolsBugNewN/AIf ncf script is updated, it is not modified on the boxNicolas CHARLESRudder testsRudder tools - master
10013Rudder toolsBugNewN/Ancf script doesn't call properly list-compatible-inputs properlyNicolas CHARLESNicolas CHARLESRudder testsRudder tools - master
10012RudderBugPending technical reviewN/ACannot select by status on the "Change Requests" pageNicolas CHARLESVincent MEMBRÉWeb - Config managementRudder - 4.0.3
10011RudderBugNewN/AIf we use a generic method compatible only with a specific version of Rudder on an agent too old, we have a runtime error on the agentNicolas CHARLESBenoît PECCATTEInitial promises & sys techRudder - 3.1.18
10010RudderBugPending technical reviewN/AWhen I save a Directive, after cliking "save", it's not possible to scroll anymore in the Directive treeNicolas CHARLESVincent MEMBRÉWeb - Config managementRudder - 4.1.0~beta2
10008RudderBugBug #10003Pending releaseN/ANot having set %{real_name} does operate on /binBenoît PECCATTEAlexis MOUSSETPackagingRudder - 3.1.18
10006RudderBugNewN/AFailed to load Rudder login page post installation.Kiran V
10003RudderBugPending releaseN/ANot having set %{real_name} does operate on /binJanos MattyasovszkyAlexis MOUSSETPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta2
10002RudderBugUser story #9992Pending releaseN/ABroken RPM packaging of sudo confAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta2
10001RudderBugNewN/AAllow to restrict edits on sudoers during installJanos MattyasovszkyPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta2
9999ncfBugPending technical reviewN/AUse hash from signature in sharedfiles methodsBenoît PECCATTEAlexis MOUSSETPoliciesncf - master
9995RudderBugUser story #9698Pending technical review3Forbid modification of properties set by datasourceFrançois ARMANDVincent MEMBRÉWeb - Config managementRudder - 4.1.0~beta2
9994RudderBugIn progressN/AWarn the user of the need to change default password at the end of install guideAlexis MOUSSETAlexis MOUSSETDocumentationRudder - 3.1.18
9991RudderBugBug #9990Pending releaseN/ASyntax error in parent ticketAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEInitial promises & sys techRudder - 3.1.18
9990RudderBugUser story #9707Pending releaseN/ABroken remote run in 4.1Alexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEInitial promises & sys techRudder - 3.1.18
9989RudderBugUser story #9707Pending releaseN/ARelay api runs with www-data user instead of rudderBenoît PECCATTEAlexis MOUSSETPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9988RudderBugUser story #9707Pending release1file /opt/rudder/share/relay-api/ is not executable, lots of cron mail about itVincent MEMBRÉAlexis MOUSSETPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9986RudderBugUser story #9707Pending releaseN/ARelay api conf is not enabled after installAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9985RudderBugUser story #9707Pending releaseN/AError when executiong remote runAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9979RudderBugUser story #9707NewN/ASimple relay tries to configure rsyslog-pgsql - wrong role?Alexis MOUSSETPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta2
9977RudderBugUser story #9707Pending releaseN/AWrong place for wsgi conf in deb packagesAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9975RudderBugUser story #9707Pending releaseN/AWe sometimes write a wrong require statement in apache 2.4 confAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEInitial promises & sys techRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9973RudderBugUser story #9707Pending releaseN/AMissing fix for certificates in relay packageAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9971RudderBugUser story #9707Pending releaseN/AMissing permission for wsgiAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9970RudderBugUser story #9707Pending releaseN/Aold a2ensite does not append .conf automaticallyAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
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