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7166RudderBugPending release1Migrations to 3.1 may fail due to a wrong Jetty configuration migration on RPM based systemsMatthieu CERDANicolas CHARLESPackagingRudder - 3.1.2
7165RudderBugPending release1Typo in migration script, <<<<<<<<<<< HEAD remaining after a mergeNicolas CHARLESMatthieu CERDAPackagingRudder - 3.0.9
7164RudderBugBug #7154Pending releaseN/Atypo in the sql schema following a merge 2.11->3.0Nicolas CHARLESFrançois ARMANDSystem integrationRudder - 3.0.9
7163RudderBugNewN/ADirective: Enforce a file content - Migrate Lines issueStephen Horvath
7161RudderBugBug #7154Pending releaseN/ACreate a migration script for the database change for historization of global agent scheduleNicolas CHARLESMatthieu CERDAPackagingRudder - 2.10.17
7160ncfBugPending releaseN/ACanonify all class prefixBenoît PECCATTENicolas CHARLESncf - 0.x
7159ncfUser storyUser story #7155NewN/AAdapt ncf builder to use the new class prefixBenoît PECCATTEncf - master
7158ncfUser storyUser story #7155NewN/AModify ncf parser to adapt to new class_prefixBenoît PECCATTEncf - master
7157ncfArchitectureUser story #7155NewN/AUse the new class_prefix in reportingBenoît PECCATTEncf - master
7156ncfArchitectureUser story #7155Pending technical reviewN/AModify generic methods to define and use the new class_prefixBenoît PECCATTENicolas CHARLESncf - master
7155ncfUser storyNewN/AStable class identifierBenoît PECCATTEncf - master
7154RudderBugPending releaseN/AAgent schedule is not historised, so we can't know what was the agent run interval in the pastNicolas CHARLESFrançois ARMANDWeb - Compliance & node reportRudder - 2.10.17
7153RudderBugPending technical reviewN/Amotd technique wrongly reports that it is incompatible with windowsNicolas CHARLESBenoît PECCATTETechniquesRudder - 2.11.14
7152ncfBugPending releaseN/AThere is a stringtemplace key in logger_rudder.cfBenoît PECCATTENicolas CHARLESncf - 0.x
7151Rudder toolsBugPending technical review1Name resolution in rudder-vagrant is sometimes quite faultyNicolas CHARLESBenoît PECCATTEVagrantRudder tools - 2.10
7150RudderBugPending releaseN/AEnvironnement variables cannot be used on windowsNicolas CHARLESMatthieu CERDAInitial promises & sys techRudder - 3.0.9
7149RudderBugBug #6718Pending releaseN/Acorrect the condition for schedule defined in #6718Nicolas CHARLESMatthieu CERDAInitial promises & sys techRudder - 2.10.17
7148RudderUser storyPending technical reviewN/AUpgrade CFEngine to 3.7.0Alexis MOUSSETNicolas CHARLESAgentRudder - 3.2.0~alpha1
7146RudderArchitectureArchitecture #7145Pending release2Move event log and authz into Rudder (adding into Rudder)François ARMANDNicolas CHARLESArchitecture - RefactoringRudder - 3.2.0~alpha1
7145RudderArchitecturePending release2Move eventlog and authz project into rudderFrançois ARMANDNicolas CHARLESArchitecture - RefactoringRudder - 3.2.0~alpha1
7144RudderBugArchitecture #7016In progress3On setting page, error messages don't seem to appearFrançois ARMANDFrançois ARMANDWeb - UI & UXRudder - 3.2.0~alpha1
7143RudderBugPending releaseN/AWrong roles display in rudder agent infoAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEAgentRudder - 3.1.2
7142RudderBugNewN/Arudder share tools : *.exe *.msi *.bat *.rpm *.vbs *.dllFrancois BAYARTInitial promises & sys techRudder - 2.11.14
7141RudderQuestionNew2aptitude full-upgradeFrancois BAYARTDocumentationRudder - 2.11.14
7140RudderUser storyNewN/AImprove agent run scheduleFrancois BAYARTPerformance and scalabilityRudder - Ideas (not version specific)

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