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9561RudderBugPending releaseN/AThe API alive check may hang foreverBenoît PECCATTEAlexis MOUSSETSystem integrationRudder - 3.1.17
9560RudderBugBug #9358Pending releaseN/ABuild problem solved in the builderBenoît PECCATTEAlexis MOUSSETPackagingRudder - 4.0.0~rc6
9559RudderBugBug #9558Pending releaseN/Afusion agent fail to build on ubuntu 16Benoît PECCATTEAlexis MOUSSETPackagingRudder - 3.1.17
9558RudderBugBug #9556Pending releaseN/Afusion agent fail to build on ubuntu 16Benoît PECCATTEAlexis MOUSSETPackagingRudder - 3.1.17
9557RudderUser storyUser story #9350In progressN/AChange Datatables styleRaphael GAUTHIERRaphael GAUTHIERWeb - UI & UXRudder - 4.0.0~rc6
9556RudderBugPending releaseN/Afusion agent fail to build on ubuntu 16Benoît PECCATTEAlexis MOUSSETPackagingRudder - 3.1.17
9555RudderBugBug #9554Pending release1Remove creation of index on expectedreportsnodes table in rudder-upgradeVincent MEMBRÉNicolas CHARLESPackagingRudder - 4.0.0~rc5
9554RudderBugPending release1Remove index script on expectedreportsnodes tableVincent MEMBRÉNicolas CHARLESSystem integrationRudder - 4.0.0~rc5
9552RudderUser storyUser story #9378Pending releaseN/AUse the new icon as favicon in the manualAlexis MOUSSETVincent MEMBRÉDocumentationRudder - 4.0.0~rc5
9551RudderUser storyNewN/AGroup criteria operator for propertiesArnaud ANDRE
9550RudderBugPending releaseN/ARecent change column title is incorrect for statusAlexis MOUSSETFrançois ARMANDWeb - UI & UXRudder - 4.0.0~rc5
9549RudderBugPending release1When the node reports an abort run for bad policy mode, nothing is displayedFrançois ARMANDVincent MEMBRÉWeb - Compliance & node reportRudder - 4.0.0~rc4
9548RudderBugBug #9473Pending releaseN/ANo background on 'Compliant' and 'NonCompliant' compliance statusRaphael GAUTHIERVincent MEMBRÉWeb - UI & UXRudder - 4.0.0~rc4
9547ncfBugNewN/Apackage_install should use another package body when using a specific package versionAlexis MOUSSETPoliciesncf - 0.x
9545RudderBugNewN/AUnconsistent capitalization of titles in the menuAlexis MOUSSETWeb - UI & UXRudder -
9544RudderBugPending releaseN/AOn Search nodes page, if I click on "Include Rudder server components" checkbox, or change any criteria (except And and Or), I get a JS errorNicolas CHARLESVincent MEMBRÉWeb - Nodes & inventoriesRudder - 4.0.0~rc5
9543RudderBugBug #9540Pending releaseN/ASyntax error in 9540Alexis MOUSSETNicolas CHARLESInitial promises & sys techRudder - 4.0.0~rc4
9541RudderBugPending release1When changing policy mode on a node, it changes the global policy mode for the applicationNicolas CHARLESFrançois ARMANDWeb - Config managementRudder - 4.0.0~rc4
9540RudderBugPending releaseN/ACreate the expected reports file for ncf in system techniques instead of first logAlexis MOUSSETNicolas CHARLESInitial promises & sys techRudder - 4.0.0~rc4
9539RudderBugPending releaseN/ATwo generation are started after changing the global policy modeAlexis MOUSSETFrançois ARMANDWeb - Config managementRudder - 4.0.0~rc4
9538RudderUser storyNewN/ANormalize OS names in the interfaceAlexis MOUSSETWeb - UI & UX
9537RudderBugPending releaseN/AThe link to the quick search doc has disappeared in 4.0Alexis MOUSSETVincent MEMBRÉWeb - UI & UXRudder - 4.0.0~rc5
9536ncfUser storyNewN/Ancf builder popup should use a flat backgroudAlexis MOUSSETBuilder - UI/UXncf - master
9535RudderUser storyPending releaseN/AUpdate the login page backgroundRaphael GAUTHIERVincent MEMBRÉWeb - UI & UXRudder - 4.0.0~rc4
9534ncfUser storyNewN/AAdd a regex constraint on all path fields to start with a dollar or a slashAlexis MOUSSETPoliciesncf - 0.x
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