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# Project Tracker Parent task Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Category Target version
9797RudderUser storyNewN/AUse different ways to report backJanos MattyasovszkyRudder - Ideas (not version specific)
9796RudderUser storyNewN/ARelay Load balancing with HAJanos MattyasovszkyRudder - Ideas (not version specific)
9795RudderUser storyNewN/AMove files used in system techniques from tools to the techniques themselvesAlexis MOUSSETArchitecture - RefactoringRudder - 4.1.0~alpha1
9794RudderBugNewN/AMalformed .gz inventory breaks upload processJanos MattyasovszkyTechniquesRudder - 3.1.18
9792RudderBugNewN/ACannot limit API Keys' permissionsJanos Mattyasovszky
9791ncfBugPending releaseN/Atest -e doesn't exist on Solaris, script list-compatible-inputs needs some tweaksDavid SvejdaBenoît PECCATTEPoliciesncf - 1.0
9790RudderBugPending release1Error when accessing change requestNicolas CHARLESNicolas CHARLESWeb - Config managementRudder - 4.0.2
9789RudderBugNewN/Arudder-jetty must support git post-commit hooksDmitry Svyatogorov
9788RudderBugNewN/AChanging a Directive from "Inherit Standard" to "Audit only" does not show a Diff in CR-Mode enabledJanos Mattyasovszky
9787RudderBugNewN/AFilter on Change Requests does not show any resultsJanos Mattyasovszky
9786RudderUser storyNewN/ALDAP Group based AuthorizationJanos Mattyasovszky
9785RudderUser storyNewN/AChain Root Servers to sync policies uni-directionalJanos MattyasovszkyRudder - Ideas (not version specific)
9784Rudder toolsUser storyNewN/Aquality-assistant should check that branch matches target versionBenoît PECCATTERudder dev toolsRudder tools - master
9783Rudder toolsUser storyNewN/Aquality assistant should use the approval mechanist instead of a tagBenoît PECCATTERudder dev toolsRudder tools - master
9782Rudder toolsUser storyNewN/Aquality-assistant should retrieve conversation into redmineBenoît PECCATTERudder dev toolsRudder tools - master
9781Rudder toolsUser storyNewN/Adashboard should list PR with a comment waiting for a replyBenoît PECCATTERudder dev toolsRudder tools - master
9780RudderBugNewN/AMono Font text in directive form are not correctly diplayed in ChromeAlexis MOUSSETRaphael GAUTHIERWeb - UI & UXRudder - 3.1.18
9779ncfBugBug #5485Pending releaseN/ASave button is not disable during saving Vincent MEMBRÉVincent MEMBRÉBuilder - UI/UXncf - 0.x
9778RudderBugPending releaseN/ABroken login page css on latest Chrome versionAlexis MOUSSETVincent MEMBRÉWeb - UI & UXRudder - 4.0.2
9777ncfBugNewN/ABroken log_rudder with CFEngine 3.10Alexis MOUSSETPoliciesncf - 1.0
9776RudderBugNewN/ALogs from 4.1 agent are not sent to the serverAlexis MOUSSETAgentRudder - 4.1.0~alpha1
9775Rudder toolsBugBug #9774Pending releaseN/AQuality assistant fails to reassign an issueBenoît PECCATTEAlexis MOUSSETRudder dev toolsRudder tools - master
9774Rudder toolsBugPending releaseN/AQuality assistant fails to reassign an issueBenoît PECCATTEAlexis MOUSSETRudder dev toolsRudder tools - master
9772ncfBugPending technical reviewN/ should use the new initialization bundleAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEPoliciesncf - 1.0
9771RudderUser storyUser story #9668NewN/ADocument the overriding mechanism for policy modeAlexis MOUSSETNicolas CHARLESDocumentationRudder - 4.0.2
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