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# Project Tracker Parent task Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Category Target version
7759ncfBugPending releaseN/ATypo in package_install_version generic methodJonathan CLARKEJonathan CLARKEncf - master
7695ncfBugPending releaseN/Aservice_ensure_running_path creates the wrong result classes on masterJonathan CLARKEBenoît PECCATTEncf - master
7694ncfBugPending releaseN/Aservice_check_running report misleading always says it uses 'ps'Jonathan CLARKEBenoît PECCATTEncf - master
7693ncfBugPending releaseN/Aservice_check_running result classes broken on master branchJonathan CLARKEBenoît PECCATTEncf - master
7683ncfBugPending releaseN/ASyntax error in _service_check_running_smf.cfNicolas CHARLESBenoît PECCATTEncf - master
7681ncfBugPending releaseN/Avariable_dict_from_file contains a debug lineBenoît PECCATTENicolas CHARLESncf - master
7674ncfUser storyUser story #7649Pending releaseN/AAdapt support for the SMF system on Solaris for service management to v1.0Benoît PECCATTENicolas CHARLESncf - master
7615ncfUser storyUser story #5758Pending releaseN/AAdapt group_present and group_absent for ncf master and _log callJonathan CLARKEBenoît PECCATTEncf - master
7558ncfBugBug #7519Pending releaseN/Ahttp_request_* port to use new log interface on masterJonathan CLARKEBenoît PECCATTEncf - master
7553ncfBugPending releaseN/Ancf 1.x show debug messages with unknown promisers and args listsJonathan CLARKEBenoît PECCATTEncf - master
7532ncfBugPending releaseN/AErrors "Variable reference bracket mismatch" in debug outputJonathan CLARKEBenoît PECCATTEncf - master
7463ncfBugBug #7461Pending releaseN/Aclasses_* methods should refuse to copy classes to a prefix which is an empty string (master branch)Jonathan CLARKEBenoît PECCATTEncf - master
7459ncfBugArchitecture #7156Pending releaseN/AReporting is broken for several ncf generic methods because the new class_prefix is not computed without this.callers_promisers, and any conditions using class_prefix are incorrectly evaluatedJonathan CLARKEBenoît PECCATTEncf - master
7458ncfArchitectureArchitecture #7156Pending releaseN/A_rudder_common_reports_generic bundle is broken - uses old_class_prefix but should be class_prefixJonathan CLARKEBenoît PECCATTEncf - master
7438ncfUser storyUser story #7377Pending releaseN/ATechnique File should be included as an input by rudderifyVincent MEMBRÉFrançois ARMANDncf - master
7377ncfUser storyPending releaseN/AAdapt rudderify script to use <FILE> in the generated metadata.xmlNicolas CHARLESBenoît PECCATTEncf - master
7359ncfBugPending releaseN/APolicy generation impossible after resynchronisation with CFEngine stdlibNicolas CHARLESBenoît PECCATTEncf - master
7334ncfBugPending releaseN/AResynchronise stdlib with CFEngine stdlibNicolas CHARLESBenoît PECCATTEncf - master
7280ncfUser storyUser story #7184Pending releaseN/AAdd generic methods to create variablesBenoît PECCATTENicolas CHARLESncf - master
7279ncfUser storyUser story #7184Pending releaseN/AAdd generic methods to create conditionsBenoît PECCATTENicolas CHARLESncf - master
7278ncfUser storyUser story #7184Pending releaseN/AAdd new class parameter to command_execution_*Benoît PECCATTENicolas CHARLESncf - master
7277ncfArchitectureUser story #7184Pending releaseN/AIgnore empty destination in _class_* parametersBenoît PECCATTENicolas CHARLESncf - master
7236ncfUser storyIn progressN/AAdd dry-run supportBenoît PECCATTEBenoît PECCATTEPoliciesncf - master
7227ncfBugArchitecture #7156Pending releaseN/ATests do not pass after #7156Benoît PECCATTENicolas CHARLESncf - master
7193ncfArchitectureUser story #7155In progressN/AWrite expected report in the new formatBenoît PECCATTEBenoît PECCATTEBuilder - APIncf - master
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