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9959RudderBugBug #9954Pending releaseN/Arpm build fail on centos7Benoît PECCATTEAlexis MOUSSETPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9958RudderUser storyUser story #9707Pending releaseN/ANodeslist file is empty on a root server with one nodeAlexis MOUSSETNicolas CHARLESInitial promises & sys techRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9957RudderUser storyUser story #9707Pending releaseN/ACopy nodeslist.json file outside of inputs dirAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEInitial promises & sys techRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9956RudderBugUser story #9707Pending releaseN/ARelay apache conf does not allow accessing the apiAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9955RudderUser storyPending releaseN/ARemove the "disabled rule" notice Raphael GAUTHIERVincent MEMBRÉWeb - UI & UXRudder - 4.0.3
9954RudderBugBug #9951Pending releaseN/Arpm build fail on centos7Benoît PECCATTEAlexis MOUSSETPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9953RudderUser storyUser story #9707NewN/AUse separate log files for different applicationsAlexis MOUSSETPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta2
9951RudderBugPending releaseN/Arpm build fail on centos7Benoît PECCATTEAlexis MOUSSETPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9950RudderBugPending releaseN/APolicy generation fails in 4.1 with 'kill: usage: kill [-s sigspec | -n signum | -sigspec] pid | jobspec ... or kill -l [sigspec]'Nicolas CHARLESVincent MEMBRÉSystem integrationRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9949RudderBugPending releaseN/APut in bold rule form's required fields labelRaphael GAUTHIERVincent MEMBRÉWeb - UI & UXRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9948RudderBugPending release1Nothing happens when trying to save a DirectiveAlexis MOUSSETNicolas CHARLESWeb - UI & UXRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9947RudderBugUser story #9942Pending release1Build broken (missed refactoring)François ARMANDVincent MEMBRÉArchitecture - RefactoringRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9946RudderArchitectureArchitecture #9943Pending release1Migration script to add compliance tableVincent MEMBRÉFrançois ARMANDSystem integrationRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9945RudderUser storyIn progressN/AUse the lato font in the manualAlexis MOUSSETAlexis MOUSSETDocumentationRudder - 4.1.0~beta2
9944RudderUser storyUser story #9942Pending release2Migration script to add missing table in PostgresVincent MEMBRÉFrançois ARMANDSystem integrationRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9943RudderArchitectureArchitecture #9645Pending release1Migration script to add compliance tableFrançois ARMANDFrançois ARMANDSystem integrationRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9942RudderUser storyUser story #9698Pending release2Migration script to add missing table in PostgresFrançois ARMANDFrançois ARMANDSystem integrationRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9941RudderBugPending releaseN/ACannot install rudder-server-relay on CentOSAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9940ncfUser storyPending releaseN/AAdd more information when a technique cannot be savedRaphael GAUTHIERVincent MEMBRÉBuilder - UI/UXncf - 0.x
9939RudderBugBug #9930Pending releaseN/ABroken build in 4.x since the merge of parent ticketNicolas CHARLESFrançois ARMANDWeb - Compliance & node reportRudder - 4.0.3
9938RudderUser storyIn progressN/AThe "Technique version" select and "Migrate" button should be alignedRaphael GAUTHIERRaphael GAUTHIERWeb - UI & UXRudder - 4.1.0~beta2
9936RudderBugNewN/AUsers with "node_all" security role can not change Agent Policy ModeIlan COSTAWeb - Nodes & inventories
9935RudderBugPending releaseN/APut in bold "Technique version" labelRaphael GAUTHIERVincent MEMBRÉWeb - UI & UXRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9934RudderBugBug #9933Pending technical review1Clean tags data model Vincent MEMBRÉFrançois ARMANDRudder - 4.1.0~beta2
9933RudderBugUser story #9798Pending release1Fix compilation issue after changin tags modelVincent MEMBRÉFrançois ARMANDRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9931RudderUser storyUser story #9724Pending release1Test UpdateHttpDatasetTest does not run anymoreFrançois ARMANDFrançois ARMANDWeb - Config managementRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9930RudderBugPending releaseN/AIf node is sending unexpected report, we get an invalid textNicolas CHARLESFrançois ARMANDWeb - Compliance & node reportRudder - 3.1.18
9928RudderUser storyUser story #9733New2Add tags in change request and event logsVincent MEMBRÉVincent MEMBRÉWeb - UI & UXRudder - 4.1.0~beta2
9927RudderUser storyUser story #9733New3Add tag serialisation in event logsFrançois ARMANDWeb - Config managementRudder - 4.1.0~beta2
9925RudderBugUser story #9707Pending releaseN/ABroken postinst in relay packageAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9924ncfBugUser story #9711Pending releaseN/ABroken syntax in parent ticketAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEPoliciesncf - master
9923RudderBugPending releaseN/Aflask doesn't build on sles11Benoît PECCATTEAlexis MOUSSETPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9922RudderBugNewN/ABroken relay build on RHEL7Alexis MOUSSETPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta2
9921RudderBugPending releaseN/Abuild-caching doesn't workBenoît PECCATTEAlexis MOUSSETPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9920ncfBugIn progressN/ABroken API testsAlexis MOUSSETAlexis MOUSSETBuilder - APIncf - 1.0
9919RudderArchitecturePending technical reviewN/Ause suse_version instead of sles_version during buildBenoît PECCATTEAlexis MOUSSETPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta2
9918RudderArchitectureArchitecture #9917Pending technical reviewN/AUpdate maven compilation target to java8 in rudder-paren-pomBenoît PECCATTEVincent MEMBRÉArchitecture - DependenciesRudder - 4.1.0~beta2
9917RudderArchitecturePending technical reviewN/A Requires Java8 (jdk8) for Rudder 4.1Benoît PECCATTEAlexis MOUSSETArchitecture - DependenciesRudder - 4.1.0~beta2
9916RudderUser storyUser story #9733Pending release1Add tags in Rule/directives APIVincent MEMBRÉFrançois ARMANDAPIRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9915RudderBugBug #9889Pending releaseN/ADependency issue in 4.1 relay packageAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9914RudderUser storyNewN/AAapche configuration files status is inconsistent in packagesAlexis MOUSSETPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta2
9913RudderBugNewN/ACheck SELinux config on relaysAlexis MOUSSETPackagingRudder - 3.1.18
9912RudderBugBug #9889Pending releaseN/AWrong filename in apache conf packagingAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9911RudderBugBug #9889Pending releaseN/AWrong filename in rpm packagingAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9910RudderBugUser story #9698Pending release2Bugs on datasource initilization and updateVincent MEMBRÉNicolas CHARLESWeb - Config managementRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9909RudderBugBug #9889Pending releaseN/AWrong filename in deb packagingAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9908RudderBugBug #9889Pending releaseN/AApache conf of webapps were movedAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9907RudderBugBug #9889Pending releaseN/AWrong file name in relay packageAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9906RudderUser storyUser story #9904Pending releaseN/AGenerate apache conf authorizing connection from policy serverAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEPackagingRudder - 4.1.0~beta1
9905RudderBugNewN/A java.lang.InternalError when calling the internal API on Redhat because of invalid version of nssNicolas CHARLESSystem integrationRudder - 3.1.18
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