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# Project Tracker Parent task Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Category Target version
9135RudderUser storyBug #8886Pending releaseN/AImprove technical and event log datepicker UXVincent MEMBRÉVincent MEMBRÉWeb - UI & UXRudder - 3.1.14
9134RudderBugPending releaseN/AThe link to the quicksearch doc is wrong in 3.1Alexis MOUSSETVincent MEMBRÉWeb - UI & UXRudder - 3.1.14
9132ncfBugPending releaseN/APackage check installed does not produce reportsAlexis MOUSSETNicolas CHARLESPoliciesncf - 0.x
9131RudderUser storyPending release1Add capabilities in inventoryBenoît PECCATTEBenoît PECCATTEInitial promises & sys techRudder - 3.2.7
9130RudderBugIn progress1Reporting missing if several generic methods with same class_prefix and different condition applied Vincent MEMBRÉFrançois ARMANDWeb - Compliance & node reportRudder - 3.1.15
9129RudderBugUser story #8563Pending release2Bad title style for quicksearch activation in admin tabFrançois ARMANDVincent MEMBRÉWeb - UI & UXRudder - 3.1.14
9128ncfBugUser story #8952Pending releaseN/A8952 breaks ncf testsAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEPoliciesncf - master
9125RudderUser storyPending releaseN/AAdd a technique using new package promisesAlexis MOUSSETNicolas CHARLESTechniquesRudder - 3.2.7
9124ncfUser storyPending releaseN/AHandle Rudder's capabilities file in ncf testsAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEPoliciesncf - master
9123RudderBugPending release1Builds are failing with "stack overflow error" in typerFrançois ARMANDVincent MEMBRÉPackagingRudder - 3.1.14
9122RudderUser storyUser story #9083Pending releaseN/AUse hostname for Nodes instead of name in compliance api namesVincent MEMBRÉFrançois ARMANDAPIRudder - 3.1.14
9121RudderBugUser story #8563Pending release1Quicksearch is not looking for multiline inputsFrançois ARMANDVincent MEMBRÉWeb - UI & UXRudder - 3.1.14
9120RudderQuestionNewN/AAdd Model version into group criteria ?Jérémy HOCDÉ
9119RudderQuestionNewN/AAdd VOLUMN into group criteria ?Jérémy HOCDÉ
9118RudderBugPending release3Control.bestEffort duplicate the last failureFrançois ARMANDNicolas CHARLESArchitecture - Internal libsRudder - 3.1.14
9117RudderBugPending release1Quicksearch test broken and attribute inconsistenciesFrançois ARMANDVincent MEMBRÉWeb - UI & UXRudder - 3.1.14
9116Rudder toolsBugPending technical reviewN/ARudder-dev complains when there is a $ in the commit nameNicolas CHARLESVincent MEMBRÉRudder dev toolsRudder tools - master
9115RudderBugNewN/APolicies validation by the Interface is not strict enoughNicolas CHARLESWeb - Config managementRudder - 3.1.15
9114RudderBugPending releaseN/AMerge error in update.cfAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEInitial promises & sys techRudder - 3.1.14
9113RudderBugPending release1Techniques use ${sys.workdir} for paths of ressources files (ex: properties), which prevent their validation by the Web Interface during policies generationNicolas CHARLESBenoît PECCATTETechniquesRudder - 3.1.14
9112Rudder toolsUser storyNewN/Aquality assistant should reassign the issue when it cannot merge a PRBenoît PECCATTERudder dev toolsRudder tools - master
9111RudderUser storyUser story #8563Pending release1Adapt quicksearch for 4.0Vincent MEMBRÉFrançois ARMANDWeb - UI & UXRudder - 4.0.0~alpha1
9110ncfUser storyNewN/AMake the package_module bodies configurableAlexis MOUSSETPoliciesncf - master
9109ncfBugUser story #9094Pending releaseN/ARename init bundle to ncf_initAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEPoliciesncf - master
9108RudderArchitecturePending releaseN/AAdd a capabilities files in rudder agent packageBenoît PECCATTEAlexis MOUSSETPackagingRudder - 3.2.7
9107RudderUser storyUser story #9075NewN/AReport rudder agent version in inventoryBenoît PECCATTEInitial promises & sys tech
9105ncfUser storyPending releaseN/AAdd conditions on features in ncf code loadingBenoît PECCATTEAlexis MOUSSETncf - master
9104RudderArchitecturePending technical reviewN/ARemove old conflicts in rudder-inventory-ldap packageBenoît PECCATTEAlexis MOUSSETPackagingRudder - 4.0.0~alpha1
9103RudderArchitectureNewN/ASeparate LDAP components from rudder-upgradeBenoît PECCATTEPackaging
9102RudderUser storyUser story #8563Pending release2Make the new Quicksearch UI beautifulFrançois ARMANDVincent MEMBRÉWeb - UI & UXRudder - 3.1.14
9101RudderUser storyPending releaseN/AAdd a call to ncf init and a reporting component for itAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEInitial promises & sys techRudder - 3.2.7
9100RudderUser storyPending releaseN/ARemove if_feature and if_version for nowAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEAgentRudder - 3.1.14
9099ncfUser storyNewN/AProvide package modules from rpm/dpkg onlyAlexis MOUSSETPoliciesncf - master
9098RudderArchitectureArchitecture #8923Pending releaseN/ARevert java8 requirement in packagingBenoît PECCATTEBenoît PECCATTEPackagingRudder - 4.0.0~alpha1
9097RudderArchitectureArchitecture #8963Pending releaseN/ARevert java8 requirement in rudder-paren-pomBenoît PECCATTEFrançois ARMANDPackagingRudder - 4.0.0~alpha1
9096ncfBugPending releaseN/Arudderification breaks when a parameter contains '&'Benoît PECCATTEVincent MEMBRÉBuilder - APIncf - 0.x
9095RudderArchitecturePending technical reviewN/AUse a 2 steps download in rudder agent makefileBenoît PECCATTEAlexis MOUSSETPackagingRudder - 4.0.0~alpha1
9094ncfUser storyPending releaseN/AAdd a bundle to copy local modules into workdir/modulesAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEPoliciesncf - master
9093RudderUser storyPending release1Document the new quick search barMatthieu CERDAJonathan CLARKEDocumentationRudder - 3.1.14
9092RudderUser storyNewN/ADon't break agent that do not support dry-runBenoît PECCATTEWeb - Compliance & node reportRudder - 4.0.0~alpha1
9091RudderBugPending release1The "rudder" init script tries to stop slapd before jettyMatthieu CERDABenoît PECCATTESystem integrationRudder - 3.1.14
9090RudderUser storyPending release1Allow to use JS script in text/textarea Vincent MEMBRÉFrançois ARMANDWeb - UI & UXRudder - 3.1.14
9089RudderUser storyIn progress1Make Directive form prettyVincent MEMBRÉVincent MEMBRÉWeb - UI & UXRudder - 3.1.15
9087RudderBugNewN/AError on promises generation when there are no properties filesNicolas CHARLESInitial promises & sys techRudder - 3.1.15
9086RudderBugNewN/AGeneric setup time not OK on Centos7Florian HeiglSystem integration
9084RudderBugBug #8260Pending releaseN/AJSON output in cf-promises is limited to 2048 chars for strings - 3.2 branchAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEAgentRudder - 3.2.7
9083RudderUser storyPending releaseN/AAdd item names in compliance APIVincent MEMBRÉFrançois ARMANDAPIRudder - 3.1.14
9082RudderBugPending releaseN/AKept classes are not defined when editing fields in a file in warn only modeAlexis MOUSSETBenoît PECCATTEAgentRudder - 3.1.14
9080ncfUser storyNewN/ACreate a generic methods file_from_gitBenoît PECCATTEncf - 0.x
9079RudderBugNewN/AWhen a ncf technnique has an ampersand in its name, rudder doesn't see itBenoît PECCATTEWeb - UI & UXRudder - 3.1.15
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