[rudder-users] Use DNS name of root server instead IP address

Fernando Sancho Glez-Calero fsanchog at jccm.es
Thu Feb 27 11:02:14 CET 2014

Hi all

I have a doubt reading rudder documentation.

In "Rudder agent configuration" says you have to use IP address of
Rudder Root Server and it makes the following advice.

"We advise you to use the IP address of the Rudder Root Server. The DNS
name of this server can also be accepted if you have a complete DNS
infrastructure matching the IP of the Nodes with their hostnames."

I don't understand why a Node has to resolve every node name. If i have
a DNS infrastructure that can resolve Rudder Root Server and Node name
itself (or even i have added a line in /etc/hosts), why i have to use
Rudder Root Server IP address. This can drive to a situation where i
can't change Root Server IP Address without modifying every rudder agent

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