[rudder-users] dmidecode dependency

Nicolas Charles nicolas.charles at normation.com
Wed Feb 19 09:26:54 CET 2014

On 19/02/2014 01:50, Chris wrote:
>>> Is there a way to work around nodes on which dmidecode doesn't work 
>>> properly?  It seems that bits required in the inventory files sent 
>>> to the policy host are missing when dmidecode doesn't work like on 
>>> some virtual machines.  This means that the nodes never show up 
>>> because they are skipped when processing the new inventories.
>> It might be possible, but it depends on which part are missing. We
>> were supposed to handle all the possible issues with Virtual Machines,
>> but it appears we missed some.
>> Could you send us an inventory that isn't accepted? You can find them
>> in the following folder
>> /var/rudder/inventories/failed
> Hi Nicolas
> Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to make it into the failed folder (the 
> directory doesn't exist, I assume it is created when something 
> fails).  The one I have continues to sit in incoming while cf-agent 
> gives this "The requested URL returned error: 412 Precondition Failed" 
> when trying to process it.  Watching the logs, it seems that it is 
> unhappy because most of everything added by 
> "add_information_to_inventory" (UUID, USER, AGENTSNAME etc.) is 
> missing.  I have included the inventory as sent from the VM below. 

Hi Chris,

thank you for the inventory.
Indeed, it seems nothing at all is added by the agent.

If I understand correctly the inventory, you have a Xen DomU, with a 
CentOS 6.5, and are using Rudder 2.6.10

Do you have the executable /usr/bin/xenstore-read on this system ? (or 
is it on another path?)
If you don't have it, could you check if you have the package "xen" 
installed on this system ?

If you do have it, what is the output of the following command:
/usr/bin/xenstore-read vm

Best regards,

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