[rudder-announce] [Release] Rudder 4.3.0~rc2 is out!

Vincent Membré vincent.membre at normation.com
Tue Apr 3 18:54:32 CEST 2018

Dear Rudder community,

We are very proud to announce that we have just released a new version: 
Rudder 4.3.0~rc2.

Please note that we had issues to build SLES11, Debian7 and Ubuntu 12.04 
packages for this version. A rc3 will follow by the end of the week, 
hopefully including these distributions

Major new features include:

  * *Technique Parameters:* You can now add parameters to your
    Techniques created with the Technique editor. The value of theses
    parameters will be set in Directives, making your Techniques much
    more versatile and expressive and them access to feature that were
    only available to classic Techniques.
  * *Multi version/mode Directives:* You can now apply Directives with
    different versions and different policy mode. This allow easy
    migration (to a new version, from Audit to Enforce) that was
    previously impossible.
  * *Authorization system for API accounts:* Choose between read-only or
    full access. A plugin will be available soon in order to allow you
    more finely grained authorization.
  * *Node properties from inventory:* Nodes properties can be
    automatically provided by the inventory data from the node.
  * *Node lifecycle:* You can define a state for each Node managed by
    Rudder (provisioning, pending removal, disabled etc.). This can be
    used to build groups and apply configuration according to the Node
    current state. Also disabled Nodes are not counted in compliance
    reports, so you are not bothered by offline Nodes when checking
  * *Group based on Groups*: You can now define that a Group should
    contain the Nodes of another Group, making it easier to manage a
    complex set of Nodes.
  * *IPv6 support by default:* Rudder is now completely compatible with
    IPv6 on the agent side as well as server side.
  * *Hooks on Techniques:* You can add pre- and post- hooks in your
    Techniques that will be executed once per Technique, even if you
    applied it in several directives. Another tool in your hands when
    you write your own Techniques.
  * *Use system Perl:* On recent systems, rudder-agent does not embed
    Perl anymore, so it uses an up to date version of Perl more
    integrated to your system. On a side note, it makes easier to build
    a rudder-agent package (which size goes down from 12Mb to 4Mb!).
  * *Rudder agent services based on systemd:* On systemd based os, we
    switched from SysV init system to systemd, to make rudder-agent more
    integrated to your system.
  * *Time all action made by the agent:* A new option (-T) added to
    "rudder agent" command line, to display how long an action took and
    find what makes a run slow.
  * *Renaming of all generic methods:* We changed for a clearer and more
    logic name scheme in all our generic methods in the Technique editor.
  * *Simplified logger for Techniques:* We changed the way we do
    reporting for Techniques from Technique editor with a really simpler
    way, which should be faster and also fix some reporting issues (ie:
    when you use variables in your reports).
  * *Plenty of library updates / cleaning / architecture changes*:
    Either on web app or in rudder-agent we upgraded some dependencies,
    refactored some code, to provide you a more secure, maintainable and
    faster Rudder.

The ChangeLog is available here: http://www.rudder-project.org/changelog-4.3

This software is in beta status and contains several new features but we 
have tested it and believe it to be free of any critical bugs.
The use on production systems is not encouraged at this time and is at 
your own risk. However, we do encourage testing, and welcome all and any 

As always, check out 
https://www.rudder-project.org/site/get-rudder/downloads/ for download 

We look forward to your feedback, be it comments on this list, questions 
on Twitter (@RudderProject <https://twitter.com/RudderProject>) or on 
IRC (#rudder <http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=rudder> on Freenode) 
, bug reports or feature requests (or of course GitHub pull requests).

Wishing you a pleasant day
*Logo Normation Vincent Membré*
/Developer / Release manager/
Normation <http://www.normation.com>
*87, Rue de Turbigo, 75003 Paris, France*
Phone: 	+33 (0)1 84 16 06 00
Mobile: 	+33 (0)6 10 14 76 78

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